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Madeleine F. Creates "Covid Quilt"

Every year, seventh grade global studies students create a community action project, which allows them to connect their personal passions with a global theme.
Past themes have ranged from women’s rights to displaced peoples to refugees and water. This year’s theme was “Little Change-Makers,” as students explored how young people across the globe have been making positive impacts within our global community. After the pandemic struck, the class changed the theme to “Little Change-Makers in a COVID19 World.”
For her project, student Madeleine F. is making a “Covid Quilt” to honor those who have died from the virus for her community action project for seventh grade global studies. She created a website called with all the details for the project. 
“The quilting idea is really dear to my heart,” said seventh grade global studies teacher Chuck Neddermeyer. “The LGBTQ+ community was deeply impacted by the AIDS epidemic throughout the 1980s and 90s. Now, COVID19 threatens all communities, and I am filled with excitement just thinking about the power Madeleine’s work could have within our larger LA community.”
We’re so proud to see such incredible community action in progress! 
Click here to see her website and click here to read additional coverage in the news.

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