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  • Michael Senna, Interim Director of Athletics

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    Favorite thing about Buckley: Walking my kids to kindergarten and second grade every morning
    Hometown: Lighthouse Point, FL and New Orleans, LA

    Hobbies: Golf, basketball, enjoying great food, watching the Miami Dolphins

    Fun fact: I once bowled a 285
  • Liz Greenfield, Assistant Director of Athletics

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    Favorite thing about Buckley: I feel like I am surrounded by a community that is striving to make this a safe and productive space for learning for all students.
    Hometown: New York, NY

    Hobbies: I enjoy playing recreational softball and dodgeball!

    Fun fact: I was in the Peace Corps in Burkina Faso for two years with no electricity or running water working on a project called Girls’ Education and Empowerment.
  • Harley Faye, Athletics Administrative Assistant

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    Favorite thing about Buckley: My favorite thing about Buckley is the community. Everyone here is so welcoming.
    Hometown: I grew up five minutes from Buckley in Studio City.

    Hobbies: I love movies and hiking!

    Fun fact: I have been to almost every state in the country.
  • Alex Hernandez-Raab, Athletic Trainer

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    Favorite thing about Buckley: 
    The ability to see students grow up through the years, from kindergarten through their senior year.
    Hometown: Born and raised in the Valley!

    Hobbies: Going to the Ballet, watching cooking shows, and running.

    Fun fact: For grad school, I got a map of the US closed my eyes, and randomly picked a state to study. Landed in Pennsylvania and attended the University of Pittsburgh.