Our youngest students participate in an extensive physical education program that covers coordination, movement, skill development, and health education, as well as social development, sportsmanship, and cooperation. In the Lower School, teamwork, cooperation, and attitude are equally, if not more, important than the students’ understanding of the skills and activities themselves.

Our goal is for students to feel comfortable with themselves and others in the realm of physical activity. Students in kindergarten through fourth grade take physical education five days a week. Beginning in fifth grade, students can participate in organized sports teams. Students learn the foundations of physical activity and wellness — both physical and mental.

Fall Sports

Girls Basketball (Grade 5)
Co-Ed Swimming (Grade 5)
Flag Football (Grade 5)
Physical Education

Winter Sports

Boys Basketball (Grade 5)
Girls Soccer (Grade 5)
Physical Education

Spring Sports

Boys Baseball (Grade 5)
Girls Volleyball (Grade 5)
Boys Soccer (Grade 5)
Physical Education