What is Green Buckley?

Green Buckley is a school-wide sustainability movement at Buckley that promotes environmental literacy and climate preservation action throughout campus. Members of Green Buckley include students, faculty, and staff who lead educational events, initiatives, and programs and reduce consumption and waste at school.

Green Buckley in Action at School Events

  • Making sure all boxed waters are placed in recycling bins – this helps close the loop so that fewer new resources are used for paper products. 
  • Rescuing any water remaining in boxes from recycle bins and instead distributing it as plant/tree water. Introducing the “leftover” water for plants helps recycle the water during the drought and supports the many native plants on campus. Keeping a healthy ecosystem of native plants is crucial for healthy soil and reducing soil erosion.
  • Collecting any food trash from tables, etc at the event and disposing of it in the trash (our future goal - composting!) – this helps keep the wildlife in our unique canyon ecosystem safe and wild. Human food attracts wildlife and can interrupt an ecosystem (individuals not from the ecosystem population are driven to the location, which encourages competition and offsets the ecological niche of the individuals living in the population).
  • Keeping any landfill trash away from wildlife. Animals will pick up and collect items (pens, plastic wrappers, etc) that can be sharp or hurtful as choking hazards. 
  • Helping to keep classroom doors closed to conserve AC and reduce fossil fuel combustion and lessen greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Turning off lights in classrooms that are not being used to reduce electricity use, fossil fuel combustion, greenhouse gas emissions. Electrical transmission is a source of sulfur hexafluoride and its use is a source of CO2 emissions.

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Buckley Faculty & Staff Go Green

  • Starting fall of 2022, the Faculty Lounge at Buckley has gone paper and plastic free, opting for reusable dishes.
  • In Middle and Upper School, several classrooms are 100% paper free. 

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