Our Plan for the Future

Developed through an inclusive process with significant input from faculty, staff, families, alumni, students, and friends of the school, I am excited to present our Board-approved 2022–2027 strategic plan, “Architects of the Future: Preparing to define, create, and imagine our world.” We will concentrate our efforts over the next six years on three strategic priorities, each necessary for our students and our school to flourish and tied to our mission’s commitment to equity, inclusion, and the balanced development of mind, body, and character. Please explore this page, view our video, and be sure to download the strategic plan to view all three of our strategic priorities, as well as the objectives and actions we’re undertaking.

Thank you,
Alona Scott
We must provide our children with the multi-faceted tools to shape the future with intention and impact generations to come.
Portrait of a Graduate
Our strategic plan is uniquely focused on the student experience. It is designed to bring the Portrait of a Graduate to life, laying out plans to enhance the educational program, expand our commitment to wellness, and further strengthen community connections.

List of 5 frequently asked questions.


    • Views challenges as opportunities
    • Relishes experimentation, play, and curiosity
    • Seeks to understand and respects the natural world
    • Attends to health and wellness
    • Rebounds with zeal

    • Communicates with clarity and purpose
    • Finds joy in artistic expression
    • Examines the human condition
    • Engages the senses
    • Discerns and promotes truth

    • Knows when to observe, when to support, and when to initiate
    • Displays a strong work ethic
    • Sees strength in difference
    • Models honesty, humility, and accountability
    • Advocates for justice

    • Practices self-reflection
    • Asks a better question
    • Champions innovation
    • Makes unexpected connections
    • Understands the past and envisions tomorrow

    • Uplifts others
    • Listens with intention
    • Turns empathy into action
    • Invests in community
    • Considers their impact
Strategic Priorities
Our strategic priorities comprise our shared understanding of the specific skills students will need to thrive in the future. These skills drive the development of the student experience.

Advance Academic Excellence Through Innovative Programs

Provide a foundation in critical and creative thinking developed through interdisciplinary, inquiry-based courses, so that students approach life with zest, confident they are prepared to embrace complex and ambiguous challenges with courage and a collaborative spirit.

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Promote Health and Wellness

Nurture the emotional, physical, mental, and social health and wellness of our students through programs, practices, and policies so that they may live lives of purpose and joy.

List of 3 items.

  • Foster self-awareness and belonging.

    • Support students to understand themselves through meaningful homeroom and advisory programs, a K–12 health and wellness curriculum, and community experiences.
    • Teach students to express and regulate their emotions, build meaningful relationships, and create a culturally competent community.
    • Ensure that school programs, such as weekly schedules, homework, assessment policies, and advanced courses are structured to support well-being.
    • Create a system to regularly gauge student, faculty, and staff belonging and well-being.
  • Expand the definition of wellness to include participation in the arts and athletics.

    • Recognizing that engagement with the arts supports overall mental and emotional health, utilize performances and events to enhance community well-being by offering opportunities for aesthetic appreciation, arts education, self-expression, and community connection.
    • Foster self-discovery, sportsmanship, discipline, and lifelong health through inclusive and appropriate leveled programming for beginners as well as competitive athletes.
  • Utilize our beautiful campus to support wellness.

    • Renew our students’ connection to nature by developing programs that take advantage of our beautiful canyon location, including our nature trail, organic gardens, and outdoor classroom spaces.
    • Refresh under-utilized indoor and outdoor spaces to support students to discover their passions and expand programs in physical, social, and emotional growth.

Invest in Community

Cultivate a culture that celebrates and honors people and partnerships, expands our impact, and ensures our future.

List of 3 items.

  • Expand and strengthen student relationships.

    • Redouble efforts to retain, recruit, and support a diverse community of students.
    • Increase financial assistance to ensure that Buckley is accessible to students from all socioeconomic backgrounds.
    • Deepen K–12 cohesion through enhanced student mentoring, buddy programs, and student leadership.
    • Update inefficient indoor and outdoor spaces to support collaborative work, a sense of community and belonging, and long-term environmental sustainability.
  • Expand support for faculty and staff.

    • Explore bold and creative ways to retain, recruit, and support faculty and staff from diverse backgrounds.
    • Create models of professional development that support faculty feeling fulfilled as lifelong learners, becoming catalysts for innovation, and growing as experts in student-centered, interdisciplinary teaching practices.
    • Ensure that compensation and benefits honor the inspirational role faculty and staff play in the lives of students, families, and alumni.
  • Build relationships in the broader community.

    • Provide opportunities for alumni and parents to engage more meaningfully in the life of the school through enhanced social and educational events.
    • Strengthen partnerships with mission-aligned organizations in Sherman Oaks, the greater Los Angeles area, and beyond to expand our students’ horizons, reach prospective students and faculty, and further advance Buckley’s reputation in the community.
    • Develop an environmental impact plan to measure and reduce our footprint in our neighborhood and on our planet.