Our Approach

In the Lower School, we recognize the importance of the relationship between child and teacher. By making a priority of getting to know each student well, our teachers create classroom environments where every child is acknowledged and feels a sense of belonging. 

Daily morning meetings and fun activities that promote community are an integral part of our program. We place a high priority is on the social and emotional well-being of our students in tandem with the development of strong academic, artistic, and athletic skills. Our program emphasizes developmentally appropriate challenges and the kind of predictable structure that nurtures a sense of self-discipline, resilience, and confidence in our learners — traits that are important to our students as they advance to the upper elementary grades and Middle School.

This approach of integrating a developmental program within a traditional structure is at the heart of Buckley’s Lower School. I hope you will visit our campus so that you can see the power of this combination. Our students are so engaged in their learning that they don’t want to miss a day of instruction. It is not uncommon to witness them running to their next classes, eager to engage in the learning process. Our teachers maintain high standards while creating a warm environment that also enables children to feel comfortable learning from their mistakes.

We look forward to your visit one day soon. Please stop by my office and introduce yourself. I would love to meet you and tell you more about Buckley and how our program is thriving and growing through new efforts in areas such as technology, use of the Responsive Classroom approach, and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Adrienne Parsons