Academics at Buckley

At a K–12 school, administrators and faculty have the ability to coordinate the curriculum across divisions to provide students with a smooth educational progression from one division to the next. Just as important as our formal curriculum is the hidden curriculum that emerges as rich interactions develop among students of all ages. Respect, engagement, and friendships grow among students, families, and faculty members over the course of Lower, Middle, and Upper school life.

Three school divisions situated together on one campus foster a spirit of support for students. For instance:
  • Division Heads meet with each other on a regular basis to share news and discuss effective approaches they’ve taken with individual students.
  • Middle School students enjoy visiting and having lunch with their Lower School teachers and frequently visit their old classrooms to hang out or chat.
  • Students who attend Buckley from kindergarten through twelfth grade experience an engaging curriculum that does not repeat material.

Lower School

Buckley’s Lower School curriculum emphasizes project work, creativity, and individualized teaching in a developmentally appropriate academic program that inspires students to challenge themselves and take risks as learners.

Middle School

Our Middle School provides a guided and exciting transition from childhood to young adulthood. It does so in a welcoming environment that permits students to explore their interests and unique abilities while being challenged academically.

Upper School

Our Upper School is a rigorous, nationally-regarded, college preparatory program. With attention to individual students' needs and a focus on creativity, we offer students a strong liberal arts curriculum that prepares them for college and beyond.