Make a Meaningful Impact

The Buckley School is grateful to the long history of philanthropy and generosity of spirit that exists among members of our community. Financial support from parents and guardians, grandparents, alumni, faculty, staff, and friends provides exceptional opportunities and outstanding resources for our students and programs. The Advancement team manages giving and volunteer opportunities for the school and works closely with the Board of Trustees to ensure our school’s financial security, including:

The Buckley Fund

The Buckley Fund is a top priority — not only at Buckley, but at all independent schools. Annual giving is widely considered to be a measure of a community’s commitment to the school and their childrens′ learning experiences. Tuition alone does not cover the costs of running an independent school, which also include financial aid, campus improvements, and many other essential programs. Each year in early September every Buckley family is asked to contribute to the Buckley Fund at a level that works for them. Our goal: 100% participation.

Other Gifts

Philanthropic support, in any amount, sets an excellent example for current students about the value of giving back to your institution. Buckley is a nonprofit organization, so monetary donations are tax-deductible. For more information, please visit our Buckley Fund page or contact

Parents' Association

The Parents’ Association (PA) is Buckley’s largest volunteer organization with a variety of committees that welcome family involvement. The Advancement team works closely with the PA in support of their fundraising and friend-raising efforts. Each year, the PA supports a meaningful gift to the school through their programs, including the always-exciting Buckley Fair. There are volunteer opportunities outside of the PA as well, including parent education meetings, grade level gatherings, athletic and performing arts events, and much more.