Our Approach

Buckley’s Upper School provides students with opportunities to try new things, develop passions, and dive deeply into areas of interest. They can do it all. Through elective courses, a wide variety of clubs and affinity groups, athletic teams and performances, Buckley’s Upper School students mix and match their interests, carving out identities and charting their own courses. These are the years that lifelong friendships are formed, academic interests are sharpened and deepened, and talents are discovered and further developed. 

Life isn’t fair, but school should be. That sentiment pervades Upper School life at Buckley. Teachers create structures for students that are clear and purposeful and students are encouraged to self-advocate and speak up for themselves and each other. The Buckley Student Council serves as an important conduit between the adults and students on campus, leading change in areas of student life including the dress code, homework load, and campus culture. In fact, the Buckley Commitment, which governs the community and sets expectations for interpersonal behavior, was created by a group of students and is reinforced by student leaders on campus every year through the annual commitment ceremony.

We welcome you to learn more about the Upper School experience at Buckley. Our student ambassadors are an excellent resource; I am also happy to talk with you about our school!