About the Parents' Association

Much has been said about the special nature of the Buckley community. The school's small size, communal belief in the tenets of The Buckley Commitment and Mission help connect families and students alike. The Buckley Parents’ Association (PA) brings together more than six hundred families to support the school. For more information or to get involved, please contact Lorie Lassner, 2020–2021 Buckley Parents' Association president at pa@buckley.org.

Events & Meetings

The PA works to build strong relationships between parents and the school. All families are welcome to become involved with association-led events, such as the annual back-to-school barbecue and Buckley Fair. PA involvement is varied and flexible to meet every schedule. Meetings are held alternately in mornings and evenings throughout the school year and options to volunteer can be found on large or small committees. All funds raised by the PA are donated to the school to directly support Buckley programs.

The Parents' Association meets regularly throughout the school year. A schedule of meetings, as well as meeting minutes, can be found under the Parents' Association resource board on MyBUCKLEY.

Volunteer Opportunities

Parent volunteers set a strong example for our students. They spend thousands of hours taking on crucial tasks at Buckley — from working in the library and collecting used uniforms to being part of the school's community service efforts. Through a variety of fundraising events each year, the PA makes important contributions to the school’s operating and financial aid budgets. The PA has fulfilled a $500,000 pledge for the first phase of the Dare to be More campaign and is in the midst of fulfilling the first $1 million pledge to the second phase of that campaign.

Nearly New Uniforms 

Throughout the year, families have opportunities at big events to purchase Buckley-branded merchandise and Nearly New Uniforms. The NNU proceeds go toward our financial aid program, as do our fundraising efforts throughout the year. All items are sold for $5.

Parents' Association President

Lorie Lassner is excited to embark on her role as 2020-2021 PA President at Buckley. Together with her husband, Andy, she has twin boys entering the eighth grade. The Lassner family has been part of the Buckley community since their sons, Ethan and Ryan, entered Kindergarten in 2011. 

Lorie has served as a committed volunteer of the Parents' Association in her roles as Live Auction Chair (2), Back to School BBQ Chair, Boutique Chair, Lower School Chair and Middle School Chair. She also served as a Room Representative for several years. 

Lorie looks forward to assisting the school and parent community in their efforts to foster a positive spirit during these unprecedented times, to promote parent engagement, to orient new families into the school community and to reach Buckley's greatest potential.