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Buckley's Diversity Statement

We are a community grounded in engagement, curiosity, growth, and diversity. At Buckley, diversity means we celebrate and embrace differences as well as commonalities and encourage the conversations around them. We view diversity holistically and value it as a strength in our community in which equity and inclusion ensure that every member of our community has access to the full Buckley experience.

The diversity statement affirmed by The Buckley School 
Board of Trustees calls us to:
  • Establish The Buckley School at the forefront of all independent schools for which diversity, equity, and inclusion are invaluable components of an academic and co-curricular experience, preparing students for college and navigating a global community.
  • Expand the Diversity Initiative with sustainable programs, trainings, professional development opportunities, guest speakers, educational field trips, and other activities to continuously educate all community members.
  • Make equity and inclusion a strategic focus of curriculum development to ensure that the initiative is systematically infused into each classroom and every component of Buckley's philosophy.
  • Increase diversity by actively seeking new and improved ways to retain, support, and recruit diverse student body, faculty, and staff.

Our diversity statement charges the school to commit to these goals and encourages members of the community to consider their personal roles in upholding equity and inclusion for those on campus and beyond. At Buckley, we consistently ask: How will our community be engaged to impact change? 
Diversity is present in our everyday lives. For Buckley students, it is valued in their classrooms and hallways. We invite everyone to be a part of the conversation. Our many diversity events held throughout the year include coffeehouses, potlucks, guest speakers, lunchtime club meetings, and a Diversity Week that mixes food trucks and free T-shirts with more thoughtful assemblies and workshops.

Diversity Programming

  • Lower School Culture Clubs (Grades K–1, 2-3, 4–5)
  • Diversity Club (Grades 6–8 and Grades 9–12)
  • Cultural assemblies throughout the year
  • Open forums on featured topics during lunch
  • Diversity Club Speaker Series
  • DEI Committee of the Board of Trustees
  • Faculty Diversity Council (Faculty members K–12)
  • Parent education roundtable discussions (held twice a year in conjunction with the Parents’ Association)
  • Affinity groups
  • Annual Diversity Week

Family Affinity Groups

Heritage Families
Latino(a)/Hispanic Family Network
LAMBDA Family Network
Asian Family Network
Middle Eastern/North African Family Network

Student Affinity Groups

Diaspora Affinity Group 
Students who identify as African American (grades 6-12)

Latinos Unidos

Students who identify as hispanic or Latinx (grades 9-12)

LAMBDA Affinity Group (grades 6-12)

Asian American Student Association (grades 9-12)

Middle Eastern/North African Affinity Group (grades 8-12)

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