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Fighting the Red Tide

Brayden S.
My Applied Science project is: Fighting the Red Tide. 
    I have been experimenting on methods to recreate and mimic a sustained harmful algal bloom within a lab setting. I experimented with many procedures, temperatures, pH levels, culture mediums, and bacteria strains in an attempt to discover the best method to grow a sustained algal bloom. I was able to successfully recreate an oceanic algal bloom within a lab setting to allow for experimentation on the most effective methods to combat the rapid expansion of bacteria. I will soon begin testing various methods to determine the most economically and environmentally friendly way to reduce the density of a harmful algal bloom.

    At the 69th Annual LA County Science Fair last March my project received second place, and advanced to the California State Science Fair for the Environmental Management division. I also was awarded the top prize for the special awards, the Peter and Helen Bing Student Field Research Award. The award gave me the opportunity to be sponsored to attend an EarthWatch field research expedition this past summer. I choose to attend Shark and Ray Conservation in Belize.

    On the expedition, the research group helped conduct field research on Caribbean sharks in the Riversdale shark fishery. I got the opportunity to tag, measure, and take DNA samples from multiple Nurse Sharks and a Caribbean Reef Shark. In addition, we set underwater cameras to determine the relative number sharks that were present in local area. The expedition and Bing Fellowship truly gave me the unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience in real scientific field research.

    Upon my return home, I wrote a paper about my experience in Belize, and the EarthWatch Institute asked me to be the student speaker at an even for the organizations Southern California Teachers, students, board members, and funders.     

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