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Rituals of Remembrance

Matthew Wittmer
The Robert Young Library has a new exhibit! 
On the heels of our annual Day of the Dead exhibit we've done in years past, this year the library has expanded its focus to highlight world festivals, customs, memorials, cemeteries, and different types of graves do shed light on how various cultures honor the deceased in different ways. Swing by to learn a bit about how the deceased are remembered and honored by seeing Rituals of Remembrance in October at the Robert Young Library.

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  • Want to Save the Planet? New Classes Teach You How!

    Among the new classes offered this school year, students have the opportunity to take two environmental literacy electives: Tipping Points with Anat Fernandes and How to Save the Planet: An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Climate Crisis with Eric Peterson. 

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  • DEI Symposium: Celebrating Latinx Heritage Month

    The DEI Symposium is taking a new format this year. Rather than a Fall and Spring symposium, students will have the opportunity to participate and lead symposiums on a monthly basis!
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  • Fifth Grade Visits Pali Institute

    This month, fifth graders headed up to the Pali Institute and arrived eager to start their adventures. When they stepped off the bus, students were greeted by Head of School Alona Scott who surprised students and joined them for a day of fun. 

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  • September Library Exhibits

    Every September the library raises awareness about literature censorship by partnering with the American Library Association's Banned Books Week - an annual weekly homage to learn where and what books are being suppressed worldwide and by whom.
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