Service Learning

Serve to Learn, Learn to Serve

The Buckley School’s extensive program of community service engages students in local and global communities through their support of causes, agencies, and individuals in need. Activities as varied as natural habitat restoration, food drives, fundraising for disaster relief, math mentoring, and shelter animal care, enable students to enrich the world around them. Students see, firsthand, how the power of their actions can make a positive difference in communities near and far and in their own lives.

Community Service brings critical elements of Buckley's mission  to life and actively supports the development of well-rounded individuals through ethical education. The program is broad in scope and spans many elements of school life including curriculum, individual and group projects, special events, creation of school clubs, and parental and faculty involvement.

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  • Abi Basch 

    Upper School Director of Service and 6-12 Experiential Learning Coordinator
    (818) 783-1610 ext. 562
  • Christine Braunschweiger 

    K-8 Community Service Coordinator
    (818) 783-1610 ext. 572

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“Students can be very empowered knowing that what they have to contribute and give back has the potential to make enormous change.”

-Abi Basch, Director of Experiential and Service Learning