The entire Buckley community - students, faculty, staff, parents, and guardians - came together this January to focus on issues of social justice. Below is the lineup of workshops that students were able to attend.

This workshop will tackle the stigmas of diversity on campus and how the word in and of itself makes students feel that they can’t engage in the topic. We will engage in an authentic conversation that will offer realistic insight on how we as students can make a difference in creating a more equal, diverse campus where students can feel included and supported.

Student Facilitators: Mason Lee, Mackenzie Morris, Ben Norouzi, SDLC 2017 Cohort
Panelists: Dana Gonzalez, Viewpoint School and Chuck Neddermeyer

This workshop will explore sexual assault and the historical movement of #metoo. This topic has recently been debated in national headline news but what about its impact on students within the Buckley community. We will explore the topic and identify ways in which we can openly discuss ways to work collectively to effectively discuss as well implore solutions to addressing this issue on our campus.

Student Facilitators: Imogen S., Sophie A., Mackenzie M., and Hannah S.
Guest Panelist: La Shonda Coleman

While many of us have a connection to immigration in our heritage, not all of us are the first in our families to self-identify as American. This panel looks at the unique challenges and experiences of being a first-generation American. What happens when you identify with more than one culture? What are the implications of identity and its relationship to the past, present, and future? How does impact how one self-identifies and that relationship with the Buckley experience? We hear from first generation voices to share their experiences.

Student Facilitators: Kelsey Gomez, German Shabanets, Matteo Sloane
Panelists: Lizzy K., Alvin L., Elizabeth S., and guest panelist Daniela Kahen

#The Experience of Women
As the abuse and dehumanization of women become increasingly evident, it is easy to become lost in the larger moral picture and become alienated in outrage. In this session, we want to open a window to the actual experience of women day to day. We will look at the broader forces at work, but our primary goal is to illustrate the real and concrete effects of gender bias and how bias shapes the female experience in our society
and in our community.

Student Facilitators: Caroline B., Kate B., Arleigh H., Ashley T., and Joe Z.

This workshop will explore the nuanced experience of Black students on Buckley’s campus. Buckley alumni and current students will speak candidly on their experience covering a range of topics including the burden of representation, cultural appropriation, stereotypes, and the importance of having African American teachers on campus. We hope this workshop will help to demystify as well as build bridges of understanding and empathy.

Student Facilitators: Paul B., Nick G., Iyanna L., and Safia S.
Panelists: Nia Cooper ‘14, Chase Holliday, ‘14, and Irie de Lilly

#LGBTQ+ Experience@Buckley and Beyond
The workshop will focus on answering questions that members of the Buckley community submitted during October’s GSA Assembly. We will provide a safe space for inquiry, discussion, with the goal of both understanding and normalizing identity of LGBTQ+ student community at Buckley and beyond.

Student Facilitator: Nick G.
Moderators: Laura Bamford, Rourk Reagan
Panelists: GSA Members, Marie Philman, Rourk Reagan and Matthew Solomon '07

#Asian American Pacific Islander Identity and Invisibility in Our Schools
Because Asians are seen as having assimilated into White American culture, they benefit from a certain amount of privilege. Often Asians are labeled as the “model minority” where they are unfairly generalized and stereotyped, which means that their actual experiences are rendered invisible or invalid. In this session, we will explore the complex and authentic aspects of what it means to be a person with Asian heritage in an independent school.

Presenter: Dr. Drew Ishii (Mathematics Department, Sage Hill School, Newport Coast, CA)