The Buckley Commitment

The Buckley Commitment embodies our school’s expectations for respect, kindness, honesty, loyalty, self-discipline and self-reliance. It adorns the walls of every Buckley classroom, and teachers and students sign the commitment at the beginning of each school year. When you sign the commitment, you are promising yourself, the school, and the community to live with integrity, to love learning, and to exemplify our motto, "Dare to be True." By formalizing the commitment, we communicate the seriousness with which it is held and develop a stronger sense of community.
The Buckley Commitment means that each of us will strive to develop the following values:


We respect the rights, feelings, and possessions of others, just as we respect ourselves. We also respect authority and the rules by which we are expected to live.


Because we are committed to helping others, kindness is essential. We each need to empathize with others and help students and faculty in a caring, supportive manner.


We must be truthful and value honesty in all areas of school life, both inside and outside the classroom.


Because loyalty means commitment, we support the goals of the school and the efforts of its members.


A healthy community is one in which each member has the self-discipline and self-reliance necessary for independent thought and action, balanced by the support from the community when that support is needed.