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Upper School Dance Participates in World Dance Workshop

On Friday, October 13, the Upper School Dance program traveled to Evolution Dance Studios in North Hollywood to participate in the annual World Dance Workshop.
This annual event, planned by dance faculty Laura Bamford and Angela Moran, celebrates diversity through dance and cultural expression, is one of the most popular dance department events of the year. This year, the students participated in dance styles such as Bollywood dance, Middle Eastern Bellydance, Jazz/Funk, Old School Hip-Hop, Commercial Hip-Hop, and Contemporary contact improvisation & weight-sharing.

Dance faculty Bamford and Moran stated that “this event exposes our students to the countless ways dance connects us as people and allows us to seamlessly cross language and geographic boundaries. Dance has an incredibly powerful way of bringing people together and validating both individuality and community. Given that this is the 50th anniversary of Hip-Hop, it was also important for us to incorporate Hip-Hop dance into the workshop so that students can better understand the history and aesthetics of that style and the ways it continues to influence popular culture. We also feel fortunate to work at a school like Buckley that supports and elevates the arts and allows our students to become global citizens through arts experiences such as the World Dance Workshop.”  

Lastly, the dance program wants to give a big shout-out and thank you to baseball coach Christian Lopez, who not only chaperoned the event, but danced alongside our students for 4 hours and showed everyone his skills as a dancer!

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