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Nominated Students Perform at CAIS Honors Music Festival!

On February 3 and 4, students from the Middle and Upper School band, chorus, and orchestra headed off campus to participate in the CAIS Honors Music Festival. 
“No matter what or where [the students] are performing, it’s important [for them] to perform because they get out, meet other students from schools in the area, and form relationships,” said orchestra teacher Vince Houser. 

Upper School students Maya B., Aiko O., and Ella W.S. and Middle School students Celine C. and Connor R. were nominated by Vince Houser to participate in the orchestra performances. Upper School students Caitlin K., Zachary V., Adrian D., Cameron C., Max S., Marley M., and Brandon S. and Middle School student Ashton C. were nominated by band teacher Tom Marino to participate in the band performances.

“They not only see the talent from other schools but also see how well they play. But at the end of the day, it’s something that’s fun to do!” added Houser.

Photo contributed by parent and teacher Laura Bamford.

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