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Fourth Graders Explore California Biology through Guest Speaker Sessions!

Months ago, senior biologist Manju Venkat received fourth grade teacher Sarah Levitt’s postcard for Room 8 at the Post Office Bay Galapagos
Following the tradition of the Post Office Bay in which, if you find a postcard that is near your hometown, you’re encouraged to hand deliver it – Venkat ended up in a Buckley fourth grade classroom! During his visit, he shared information about the postcard tradition, stories of his explorations in the Galapagos, and photos he captured during his travels. 

This month, students in the fourth grade were visited by two guest speakers to learn about California’s expansive landscape and the Galapagos Islands. 

Most recently, the fourth grade classes gathered in the CCA for a presentation with Keri Dearborn from Friends of the Island Fox where they learned about the history and evolution of foxes, participated in an activity to visualize the ecosystem of the Channel Islands of California and understand the importance of the island fox to the ecosystem, walked away with ideas on how students can help preserve wild spaces, and more!

Click here for video from the Friends of the Island Fox session on our social media!

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