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Scholastic Art and Writing Award Winners Announced!

Buckley cleaned up at the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards this semester! Please join us in congratulating the following student writers and artists who collectively won dozens of awards this year for works that, according to Scholastic, express “originality, skill, and/or the emergence of personal voice or vision.”
Click here to view the award-winning submissions! 

Art Awards

Adonia A.
Honorable Mention and two Gold Keys for Photography

Lena B.
Three honorable mention awards for Photography

Catherine C.
Honorable Mention for Jewelry

Davin D.
One Honorable Mention and a Gold Key for Drawing and Illustration, a Silver Key for Painting, and a Silver Key for Architecture and Industrial Design

Sophie D.
Two Honorable Mentions and a Silver Key for Photography

Kayla H.
Two Honorable Mentions, two Silver Keys, and a Gold Key in Photography

Paulina J.
Honorable Mention and Silver Key for Photography

Jonathan K.
Honorable Mention and Gold Key for Photography

Evelyn L.
An Honorable Mentions, Silver Key and Gold Key for Photography; Honorable Mention for Drawing and Painting

Lumi L.
Three Honorable Mentions and two Silver Keys for Photography

Tess M.
A Gold Key for Digital Art and a Gold Key for Photography

Khadija N.
Silver Key for Photography

Abigail P.
Silver Key for Painting

Olivia P.
Two Honorable Mentions, three Silver Keys, and two Gold Keys for Photography

Soraya R.
Two Silver Keys and eight Gold Keys in Photography

Charlotte R.
Honorable Mention for Sculpture

Ella R.
Gold Key for Comic Art

Rebecca S.
Four Silver Keys for Digital Art

James S.
Two Honorable Mentions and a Gold Key in Digital Art; two Silver Keys in Photography

Writing Awards

Cora B. 
Gold Key, Poetry

Emmaline E.
Silver Key, Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing

Avery P.
Gold Key, Personal Essay and Memoir

Sarah S.
Gold Key, Journalism

Top photo (Left to Right)
    Front row: Ella R., Abigail P., and Catherine C.        
    Back row: Kayla H., Tess M., Sophie D., Soraya R., Emmaline E., Olivia P., Paulina J., and Charlotte R.

Bottom photo (Left to Right): Khadija N., Jonathan K., and Davin D. 

Not pictured: Adonia A., Lena B., Evelyn L., Lumi L., Rebecca S., James S., Cora B., Avery P., and Sarah S.


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