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Grade 6 and 7 Welcome Events: ‘Building honest and authentic connections’

With chatter erupting in the CCA courtyard and students participating in games to get to know their peers, Grade 6 and 7 families were welcomed to campus for welcome events hosted by new head of Middle School, Don Smith. 
During the second half of the evening, families learned more about our new head of Middle School and collaborated with other families by participating in a bingo night! 
“It’s so important for students and families to feel they have a strong connection to the school,’ said Smith. 
“Being three weeks into the school year, a lot of the students are going home and talking about one or two other students they may have had the opportunity to befriend. This event enables those families to come together. It makes the overall school experience much more connected and feels more like a family -- the collaboration between the institution and the families.”
Thank you to everyone who joined us for a fun-filled evening and for the opportunity to get to know the community. 


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