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Yasmin R. and Jonah S. Found Symphony of the Soul

Buckley students Yasmin R. and Jonah S. created the organization, “Symphony of the Soul,” to share videos of student-musicians with their grandparents.
Yasmin, who is also the president of the Buckley orchestra, wanted to share her love of music during this difficult time. “When founding Symphony of the Soul, my co-founder Jonah and I wanted to find a way of helping those most affected by this pandemic--our grandparents,” Yasmin shared. “Through Symphony of the Soul we can help brighten their days during these golden years of their lives.” 

Symphony of the Soul welcomes submissions from singers in choir, students in band or orchestra, and other members of the Buckley student body who learned how to play an instrument when they were younger and can still remember a simple song. It is not meant for expert musicians only; musicians of all skill levels and grade levels are welcome to submit.

If you would like to submit a video, please follow the steps below.

1. Make a video including an introduction and your performance, whether singing, dancing, or playing.
2. Upload your video to Google Drive.
3. Click here to submit your video.

Instagram: @buckley_symphonyofthesoul

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