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Eliana S. Creates Pre-Med Connection

Student Eliana S. created a platform, Pre-Med Connection, to bring together a community of young individuals interested in STEAM. Check out Eliana's description below. Fantastic work, Eliana!
Pre-Med Connection was inspired by the need for a virtual community and platform. I really enjoyed my time in clubs at school, but found during the COVID-19 quarantine that the most effective, lasting communal resources were on the internet. I realized my time for clubs at school did not match how much I value the club experience. I found myself gravitating toward virtual platforms to rediscover my sense of comradery within the high school pre-medical community. However, that specific resource was lacking. As a student interested in all aspects of STEAM, though particularly drawn to the field of medicine, I wanted a platform where I, as a high school student, could highlight my interests while also finding resources targeted for my specific age group. 

With this in mind, I created Pre-Med Connection to be an interactive student journal, with the goal of bringing together a young community of like-minded individuals. We feature all of the things that a club would include such as breaking news and interesting articles, as well as resources/videos to encourage students to become actively involved in STEAM. In addition, to take the place of guest speakers and to provide insights into the field, we have a blog labeled “Perspectives”, which includes pieces written by blog creators and student contributors. The interviews take different forms depending on the interviewee or contributor. For example, someone might submit a podcast interview or video while others would opt for the more traditional Q and A written format. The website will be shaped through the contributions of students within the community and will reflect the diversity and innovation across many high school students interested in the STEAM field. 

I call this an interactive student journal because it emphasizes student involvement through online submissions and major features. Our student projects page highlights unique STEAM projects which can take on different forms depending on the individual. The unique nature of each project shows how one student, any student, can have their own impact in the field of science. I have really enjoyed collaborating with my peers while growing and adding to the site. Nathan Park, a current ninth grader, has a STEAM themed magazine called M.I.N.D. which will be linked and published on the Pre-Med Connection website. His idea of including all aspects of science and his amazing vision for this publication provides an insight into the bright future of scientific journalism. In addition, Pre-Med Connection collaborated with Buckley ‘s Suicide Prevention and Awareness Club for the purpose of creating a mental health page that provides resources, articles, events and opportunities to get involved in the mental health field. Mental health plays a large role in the medical field and in the lives of teenagers.  As a result, their contribution has helped the site flourish. Despite the name “Pre-Med Connection”, this website aims to be inclusive by featuring multiple different fields within the greater scientific realm. Through Pre-Med Connection, I hope students and adults alike can further understand the value in using virtual connections to build a community in times of division and uncertainty.

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