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Nathan P. Publishes MIND Magazine

Student Nathan P. has published MIND magazine, a STEAM-oriented publication featuring content for kids of all ages and including articles written by his peers. Below, Nathan shares more about MIND. Congratulations, Nathan!
STEM plays a critical role in our society, as it is the root of what helps it move forward and grow as well. Science has been something that has often fascinated me and many times, has persuaded me to dig deeper into certain topics that I found intriguing. Many times when digging into these topics, I had a hard time understanding the information or data that I had gathered. When I created MIND, I wanted to create a science magazine that kids of all ages, especially teens, could read, understand, and develop an interest in. 

I specifically call this magazine a STEAM magazine rather than simply a STEM magazine due to the significant role that art plays in the world of science. Graphic designs, illustrations, writing, and photography are all forms of art that are crucial in the work of science, especially in the designing of an informal, yet aesthetically-pleasing magazine that people could read and enjoy. 

MIND magazine consists of four different sections: Technology News, Ideas, Scientific Discoveries, and Games/Puzzles. Each of these sections dives into a different aspect of science, thus allowing students to explore the many fields that STEAM offers. In the near future, I want to work towards providing illustrations made by students that could be featured in the magazines and also in the covers for students to see and also learn from as well.  

Currently, I am working with the Applied Science students so that we can feature their articles and topics in the magazines for other students to read about. Science is for everybody and I think showing students’ works and what they have been capable of will be very helpful in broadening the scope of science and it’s availability. Dr. G has played a major role in the development of this magazine and it is because of her that I am able to have such opportunities such as working with the Applied Science students and also with Eliana S. who is in the tenth grade and has a phenomenal website called Pre-Med Connection which provides a platform for students interested in pre-med to connect and learn from one another. The goal is to have this magazine recognized by the Library of Congress and to become an official magazine that can be physically and electronically published through Eliana’s website. 

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