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Congratulations, Applied Science!

This year, Buckley’s Applied Science team made history!
The Applied Science team encompasses extremely gifted researchers and engineers who are passionate about “Paying it Forward” to help humankind and our planet through STEAM.  Several research projects vary in years of progression (1-3 years). They recently participated in an all-virtual Science Fair. Judges had a day to read about 1,000 research manuscripts, lab notebooks, and watch student videos. Then, the judges requested an interview through Zoom for more details. 

Their instructor, Dr. Aidyl Gonzalez-Serricchio, said, “I am in awe and inspired every time I work with students whose curiosity about life, our world, and technology drives them to action. My goals when I mentor students are to “inspire into action” and to foster a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable environment for innovation in STEM to occur.” 

Check out our list of award-winning students below, and please note they are listed in the following format: Name | Presentation | Award

  • Jasper C., Mason L., and Forest P.C. | Methanotrophic Bioremediation for the Degradation of Oceanic Methane | First Place in Environmental Management - Sr; Regeneron’s International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF); Stockholm Prize 
  • Brayden S. | Fighting the Read Tide: A Systematic Method to Characterize and Combat Cyanobacteria Infection | Stockholm Water Prize
  • Aidan H. and Liza T. | An Optogenetic Study of Neural Response Enhancement Correction Using Physarum Polycephalum | Animal Physiology - Senior Recognition
  • Emma L. and Devon F. | CRISPR CAS-9 and Histone Regulation: A Process Working Hand in Hand to Destroy Cancer | The Scientist Award
  • Stella Z. | Protecting the Skin from Within | Recognition
  • Ana G. | Stop Stressing Out! A Study of the Epigenetic Aspect on Vertebrates and Invertebrates | Recognition
  • Sophia N. | Unraveling Stress: The Effects of MECP2 on Anxiety Disorders | Recognition
  • Vale R. | Winglets: Gateway to Flight Efficiency | Recognition  

Next up, Forest, Mason, and Jasper will head to the International Science and Engineering Fair with an all-expenses trip. Regeneron’s International Science and Engineering Fair brings together more than 1500 students from roughly 70 countries and territories to compete. Students can wiin scholarships, tuition grants, internships, scientific field trips and the grand prizes, including one $75,000 and two $50,000 college scholarships. 

Congratulations to them, and to all our award-winning Applied Science students! 

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