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Campus Kudos - June 7, 2019

This week's campus kudos go to...
...Alexis Stern, James Evans, Michael Jaffe, Gerard Lynch, and Josh Ryan for going above and beyond to support a colleague during a challenging time.

...Aidyl Gonzalez and Maria O’Driscoll for their warmth and generosity.

...Susan Wlcek, Bill Vigil, Caro Kay, and Sabine Abadou for creating an incredible Fifth Grade Celebration with an amazing slideshow encompassing their students' K-5 experience. Your hard work and countless dedicated hours in the service of your students is greatly appreciated!

...Bobby M. and Celine F. for their inspirational student leadership this year. They engaged our community with passion from day one and changed us for the better. Thank you for your service! You will both be missed.

...Alexis Stern, George Russo, and Rob Wright for taking on the reins of the Upper Division and guiding us through a very successful year. Your commitment, support, and many long hours made a huge impact in the lives of students, teachers, and our community.

...the Social Science Department, for handling the interim year with grace and poise and expanding our students' knowledge of the social sciences and having them come up with their own view of the world around them each and every day.

...all of our incredible faculty and staff members who will be leaving this year, including Jess Adam, John Clement, Ladan Harirchi, Ron Kim, Anne Moore, Gabe Penaloza, Clay Perez-Garcia, Josh Perry, Sarah Stehman, Julie Taylor-Vaz, Andrew Wooden, and Jingyan “Jenny” Zhang. You have all made a positive impact on the Buckley community and you will be missed. Thank you for all you’ve done to make Buckley such a wonderful place!

...all the Buckley community members who have submitted kudos over the year. Over the year, everyone submitted over 500 kudos -- random acts of kindness, talent, and hard work. Thank you to everyone who took the time to help us showcase the incredible members of our community!

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