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Campus Kudos - May 24, 2019

This week's campus kudos go to...
...student Paul B. for tutoring underclassmen in Mr. Cano’s geometry class in preparation for an upcoming exam.

...Upper School Diversity Club. Diversity Club hosted over 30 meetings, attended multiple conferences, and presented workshops to peers, faculty and staff, prospective families, and the Parents' Association. Thank you all for such a great year, and for being such a wonderful, empathic, and engaged group of young people who will change the world for the better--we need you now more than ever!! And, thank you to president Safia S., and vice-presidents Iyanna L. and Nick G. for your honesty, bravery, and commitment to elevating consciousness and conversations within the student community. You all were such wonderful mentors to our younger students.

...students Ana Paula G., Annika R., Devon F., Emma L., Sophia A., Stella Z., and Chloe S. for their amazing presentations at the Archer STEM Symposium. Click here to read more about their accomplishments. Congratulations to our future world changers!

...Alexis Stern, George Russo, Rob Wright, and Rae Basmagian. Thank you for guiding our seniors to the finish line!

...our new department chairs Brian Nichols and Juan De La Cruz. These two joined the MUS as department chairs this year and both have worked tirelessly to support teacher growth, ensure students have access to the support they need, and make sure that we offer courses to meet our students' needs. It's a huge undertaking, and we are grateful to them!

...Mitch Kohn for helping (and helping) a colleague prepare for a new role next year!

...students Katie S., Jem B., and Annika R. These three Latin scholars respectively won Silver Medal, Laurea Certificate, and Olivae Certificate on the exceptionally challenging Medusa Mythology Examination! Congratulations! Students William F., Katie S., Charlotte R., Lauren K., Austin G., Sydney S., Vivienne H., Caitlin K., Michael R., Leonard K., Jem B., Isabelle G., and Annika R. achieved Gold Medal / Summa Cum Laude performance on the National Latin Examination, generally scoring 25% higher than the national average on a highly challenging test encompassing translation, derivations, culture, history, mythology, geography, and (on higher levels) literature. Additionally, Annika received the very rare Oxford Classical Dictionary Award for sustained excellence on the National Latin Examination, for achieving Gold Medal performance every year for five years in a row. Very few people achieve this honor. Well done! Finally, Will also achieved a perfect score on a very difficult National Latin Examination. For perspective, there were only 698 perfect scores out of 130,000 test takers. In other words, only about 1 out of 186 students achieves this honor. Well done!

...parents Carla Dorsey, Libby Hansen, Rebecca Rising, and Bridget Smith and Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council rep Ron Ziff for showing up to support Buckley on a weekday at the City Planning and Land Use Committee meeting downtown. Thank you for your time and positive energy!

…and, finally, we have many kudos to share after the Buckley Fair! Thank you to….
…Fair Chairs Kori Brown and Aly Graiwer for an amazing job launching the Fair. If you ever want to organize a successful space event, we suggest reaching out to them to planet!
…all the members of the Fair Committee, including Jesse Burch, Clementine Churchward, Tova Cohen, Nicholas D'Ambra, Tracy Fredkin, Sally Greene, Alicia Katz, Jenifer Katz, Debbie Klein, Ai-vy Miller, Barrie Nedler, Dana Nussbaum, Melanie O'Connell, Bea Riley, Rebecca Rising, Danica Ross, Tracy Settel, Penelope Stipanovich, Cricket Wardein, Heather Weingarten, and Hilary Worchell. You all did an astronomical job, and that’s the gravi-tea!
…Auction Chairs Hatherly Hogan and Erin Culling, for planning such an out-of-this-world silent auction!
…Class Basket Chair Tammy Sherer. We appreciate you to the moon and back!
…Advancement Associate Veronica Kopelevich and parent Bea Riley for keeping track of sponsorships and printing them at the speed of light!
…Director of Parent Relations and Special Relations Erin Fitzgerald. Erin, we’re not sure how you manage to rocket every time, but we think you’re a star!  

…PA President Caroline Macaulay. Thank you so much for your comet-ment to the Parents’ Association, the Fair, and the entire Buckley community.
…and finally, everyone who sponsored, volunteered at, and attended the Fair. You all added so much to the event and created such a fun atmosphere. (Milky) Way to go!

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