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Arleigh H. Will Be a Panelist at Photoville

The New York Times has asked student Arleigh H. to be a panelist at Photoville, the largest photography event in NYC, coming to the Annenberg Space for Photography in Los Angeles.
Arleigh will a panelist, along with her subject, for her work with the NYT assignment “This is 18” and one of her photographs from the project will be exhibited. The subject of Arleigh’s photo makes her own clothes from recycled materials and puts on shows to raise money for underprivileged groups. Arleigh took pictures of her subject while she was fabric shopping.

Arleigh has taken photography classes at Buckley since the ninth grade. She enjoyed having the in-class assignments to narrow her focus, spark inspiration, and get her out of her comfort zone as well as Ms. Mahoney’s feedback and mentorship.

Photography has always been a passion for Arleigh. “My dad came to the US to be a photographer, so I grew up around cameras, but with this project, I realized I wasn’t shooting for myself,” said Arleigh. “‘This is 18’ is about being candid and authentic, but it was still important for me to be true to my own, more editorial style while capturing the big personality of my subject.”

Arleigh hopes to use the panel as a reflection on her project and hopes to inspire others who love photography but think of it as just a hobby. Amazing work, Arleigh!

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