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Eleventh Grade Plants Nature Trail Garden

As part of the Upper School Day of Service and the ongoing efforts to revitalize the Nature Trail, eleventh grade students planted over 116 plants at the trailhead.
The Class of 2020 began by clearing weeds from the planting area, and then used shovels to dig holes, de-potted the plants from 1-gallon pots, massaged the soil, and planted the plants up to their root flares. They then back-filled dirt around the plants, built a beam around the plant to prevent water run-off, and covered the whole thing with wood chip mulch. In total, eleventh grade students planted 116 plants, including Sword Ferns, Hummingbird Sage, White Sage, Sticky Monkey Flower, and Common Yarrow.

The eleventh grade completed an impressive amount of work on the Day of Service, but the work continues! Enjoli Ferrari, a consultant from the organization Tree People, brought ten small Coast Live Oaks that were grown from acorns at another school; the eleventh grade will be planting them with the help of Mr. Clement’s second grade class in the next few weeks. For the next six months, eleventh grade advisories will be pairing up each week to water the plants until they are established.

The work by eleventh grade students builds on the work that eighth grade students have already completed. Students Marley M., Elika S., Gabby G., Sophie D., Jane S., Charley B., and Sammy E. built an outdoor classroom over the course of about ten afternoons, using shovels, hoes, rakes, and axes. Students created seats from twenty-five Oak stumps shipped from New Hampshire. These students plan to add more plants around the perimeter of the classroom to give it a more cozy feel.

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