Buckley Together

We’re bringing Buckley Together to complete a long-term campus enhancement plan developed more than a decade ago to address the changing needs of the campus for teaching and learning. Over the last several years, with the generous support of our school community, Buckley has added an Academic and Performing Arts Building and a Math and Science Building and refurbished many classrooms and outdoor spaces.

With this next phase of development, we will add a new library and administrative offices and build the multipurpose Center for Community and the Arts as the heart of our campus. These projects will include new classrooms, a world languages lab, a remodeled outdoor courtyard, and a college counseling suite. In the Lower School, we will create an admissions suite to serve our modern K–12 campus.

Enhancements to The Robert Young Library:

  • Moved to the first floor of the former Middle and Upper School Administration building
  • Fully remodeled and modernized
  • Quiet and collaborative study spaces
  • Computers and charging stations
  • Comfortable seating
  • Information desk
  • Library office

Construction of The Center for Community and the Arts:

  • Built on the site of the former Robert Young Library
  • Three-story 18,000 square foot building designed by Frederick Fisher and Partners, a world-renowned architecture firm
  • A main gathering space including three sections of retractable seating and a permanent mezzanine level for as many as 450 guests
  • Thrust stage
  • An open floor plan with retractable glass walls, which will allow the interior to open up into the Senior Courtyard and serve as an outdoor lobby
  • Five new flexible, state-of-the-art classrooms
  • A World Languages Lab
  • A spacious department office
With the completion of The Center for Community and the Arts at the end of 2016, the Disney Pavilion will become a full-time gymnasium. We have already started planning for the expansion of our K–12 physical education and athletics programs in preparation for this upgrade in capacity.
We are bringing Buckley Together to create the best student experience in Los Angeles, to honor our school’s history and its 4-Fold Plan of Education, and to forge new traditions on our campus. With a number of leadership gifts already in place, continued support from Buckley families will help carry on our tradition of excellence.

To support Buckley Together, please contact Director of Advancement Shelly Schroth, at (818) 461-6747 or sschroth@buckley.org.
“Modern libraries are gathering places for students. Our new library will include high-tech research tools and collaborative meeting areas, as well as quiet study spaces."
“The Center for Community and the Arts will be truly life-changing for our students. The days of adapting a gymnasium for these needs will be gone, and our PE and athletics programs will have much more flexibility for games, practices, and other training.”