Giving to the Class of 2020 Senior Legacy Fund is an opportunity for the families of seniors to commemorate their time at Buckley and give back to help give future generations of students the opportunity to experience a life-changing Buckley education. Gifts of all sizes make a difference!

Why Give?

  • Buckley has had an impact on the life of your children. This is a wonderful opportunity to give back to the school and community that we love.
  • Make a lasting difference. When you make your gift, you help guarantee that future Griffins will have access to the same wonderful Buckley education as your children.
  • Show your class pride. By helping the Class of 2020 reach 100% participation, you memorialize the pride and spirit of your class.
  • Join the tradition of giving. Buckley is fortunate to have a proud tradition of alumni who give back to ensure the school remains an exceptional place for all 830 students. When you make your gift, you join a community of proud Griffins who support Buckley!

List of 6 frequently asked questions.

  • What is the Senior Legacy Fund?

    Established by the Class of 2006, the Senior Class Legacy Fund is an endowment fund established by the parents of each graduating class and supports faculty professional development. One of Buckley’s greatest strengths is its talented and dedicated faculty and staff. The Senior Legacy Fund is an opportunity to give back to the teachers, coaches, and administrators who impact Buckley’s students, day in and day out.

    Parents of seniors are asked to continue their support of the Buckley Fund, which provides critical funding for current school needs, in addition to supporting the Senior Legacy Fund.
  • How does the Senior Legacy Fund differ from the Buckley Fund?

    Buckley Fund dollars are an immediate investment in the experience your student is having today and is just as critical this year as it has been in past years. The Senior Legacy Fund is a tradition that raises much-needed endowment funds in the name of each graduating class.
  • What is Faculty & Staff Professional Development?

    Faculty and staff professional development ensures that Buckley employees can continue to update their teaching skills by earning advanced degrees and attending seminars, conferences, and specialized teacher training. A robust professional development program attracts talented faculty and staff and helps them to continually grow, which ultimately benefits our students in the classroom.
  • What is an endowment fund?

    Endowment funds ensure the long-term financial health and stability of The Buckley School. Buckley’s endowment funds are professionally invested to provide income for the school in perpetuity. They are held in long-term investments with the principal remaining untouched; interest income is used to provide immediate funding for the people and programs that create the best educational experience for our students.
  • What is the goal for the Class of 2020?

    Now it is our time to give back to Buckley and show our gratitude to all of those who have given before us and to the students who follow our legacy. Last year, parents and guardians from the Class of 2019 exceeded their goal of raising $119,000, and we ask that you, parents and guardians from the Class of 2020, to follow their lead and help us reach $120,000. Only together can we create the Class of 2020 Senior Legacy Fund for our children. Every gift, no matter the amount, sends a strong message of support to the faculty and staff and helps us get closer to our 100% participation goal.  However, we ask for a meaningful donation and leave that determination up to you based on your unique situation.
  • How will my gift be recognized?

    Donors of $5,000 and above will be recognized with a personalized nameplate on a seat in The Center for Community and the Arts. If the class reaches its $120,000 goal, they will be honored on a Senior Legacy Fund plaque to be installed on campus. When your student returns to campus as an alum, they will feel a deep sense of pride knowing their family left a lasting legacy at Buckley.
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