Social Justice Symposia

The entire Buckley community - students, faculty, staff, parents, and guardians - came together to focus on issues of social justice. Below is the lineup of workshops that students were able to attend.

Climate Justice: People v. Planet

What is climate justice and how do human rights and development intersect to achieve a human-centered approach, which safeguards the rights of the most vulnerable people on the planet? That is the main question being tackled within this discussion. Sharing the burdens and benefits of climate change, along with its impacts will also be explored. Climate justice is informed by science, responds to science, and acknowledges the need for equitable stewardship of the world’s resources.

A Conversation About Law Enforcement: Interactions & Experiences with Perspectives from the Community Panelists

With special guest panelists, Detective Mendoza and Officer Perez from the Beverly Hills Police Department, this session will explore current issues within local police forces and how they interact with communities. Focus will be spent on how policing roles have evolved, and how social justice issues merge with law enforcement strategies.

Social Stratification & Income Inequality

ThUppeSchooSociaJusticclaspresenttheiresearcothsocio-economistatuothUniteStates with their presentation on social stratification. In this workshop students will present several government policies they’ve discovered to shine light on the economic gap within the US. Using historical references and current legislation, these young change-makers will present their findings on questions of inquiry and further community discussions. These students ask: Could Buckley be the school to spark economic change within our country?

What Box Do I Check? Middle Eastern or White: Navigating Identity in the Margins

Many students who identify as Middle Easterners are left to wonder what exact box they fit into, if any. Standardized tests, college applications, and jobs require the confrontation of ethnicities that many struggle to answer. The complication of race and ethnicity can be a challenge to many, and this symposium will house an open conversation into how our ethnic and racial identity can impact our daily lives.

Language, Privilege and its Implications at Buckley

This workshop will engage the community in a conversation around language, privilege and its implications at Buckley. Students will participate in an interactive activity, followed by exploring actionable language and steps that they can implement an effort to make Buckley a more equitable and inclusive experience.

The Power of Words

This symposium evaluates the impact language has on a community, and the way we can use our words to uplift others. Words can so easily be weaponized, intentionally or not, and it is necessary to recognize one’s intentions and confront the influence we have.

Global Citizenship & Gen Z

The generations that we are all a part of are being forced to grow into an ever-internationalizing world. The internet, more expedient travel, higher immigration rates, and a globalizing economy has bred a world more connected than ever before. Thus, we are all met with the profound question: What does it mean to be a global citizen?