Gender Norms, Stereotypes, and Expectations

How do gender norms, stereotypes, and expectations play out in our lives? This interactive workshop will inspire food for thought on how we might think more critically about how we unconsciously uphold stereotypes and how we can collectively work together to dismantle perceived norms and expectations across gender lines.

Identity and Storytelling Series: Alumni In Conversation

This installment of the identity and storytelling series will feature a panel of Buckley alumni who will share their stories, experiences, and how their identity has impacted how they live and move through the world at Buckley and beyond. This is a joint collaboration between the Office of Alumni Engagement, the Office of Equity and Inclusion, and the Alumni Board DEI Committee.


This symposium will engage in a conversation on the history and impact of colorism. What is colorism? How does it function as a by-product of prejudice and racism? Attendees will examine how colorism impacts communities across the globe, explore their own experiences with colorism, and walk away with strategies for addressing colorism when they witness it.

The Asian Experience in American Education

Asian-American admissions in colleges has become a controversial and contentious topic. How did we get to where we are and how can we develop a more informed perspective on this important social and educational issue? This workshop will be an open conversation with audience participation strongly encouraged.

Identity and Storytelling Series: Intersectionality

This installment of the identity and storytelling series will feature members of the Buckley community who will share their experiences of intersectionality and how the context of their multiple identities impacts their experience and that of their families.

Gender, Sex, and Sexuality

How we identify ourselves can be both simple and complex. This is especially important in the LGBTQ+ community. The need to be able to identify and have the appropriate words to do so goes beyond a check in a box. In this symposium, we will encourage students to look at the language they identify with and to think beyond that language. This conversation goes beyond the LGBTQ+ landscape to develop a deeper understanding of identity.

SES & Independent School Life

This symposium will feature a shared conversation and exchange between students from Buckley and Sequoyah School on the unique challenges of discussing socio-economic status and class for students attending private independant schools in Los Angeles.

Dismantling Power and Privilege

This symposium will examine the systems of power, racism, oppression, and privilege and the role they play within society. Students will focus on the unfairness of "political correctness" and the imperative to treat all perspectives as equal for the sake of "balance" and "civil discourse." Furthermore, we will consider the role of independent schools in tackling these forms of inequity.

In-Between Identities: Reflections on Transracial Adoption

In the last decade, an increasing number of American families have adopted children from Asian countries, making up 90% of all international adoptions since the 1950s. Called transracial adoption, adoptees have a different racial identity from their parents but may think of themselves as the identity of their adoptive parents; thus, they are often caught in between identities. Speakers on this panel will share their personal and cultural experiences about various aspects that have affected them as Asian-American adoptees.