Did You Know?

Rube Goldberg machines are complex machines created from household items and are designed to complete simple tasks such as closing a door, flipping a switch, or pouring water into a glass.

Robotics Challenge

Interested in building your own Rube Goldberg machine? Simply find items around your house to create a chain reaction of simple machines (levers, pulleys, wedges, wheel and axles, inclined plane, and screw) that accomplish a simple task.

You're welcome to choose your own task, but if you need inspiration, check out videos from our robotics students. Don't forget to share your videos with buckleyathome@buckley.org.
Rube Goldberg Machines By Robotics Students

Ella R. Launches a Gumball

Wes R. Closes a Laptop

Tyler S. Thows Away Tin Foil

Sophia W. Waters a Plant

Silas L.-H. Turns Off a Light

Kai K. Closes a Door