Hello from the Head of School House!

Alona Scott has been busy working from the Head of School House. Here are some of her favorite books, games, podcasts, and recipes!

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  • Recipe: Oreo Lollipops

    Mo and I makde Oreo lollipops dipped in melted red, white and blue chocolate. Check out the recipe--I made this one up! 
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  • Recipe: Smores

    We followed these YouTube directions to make a solar oven and then “bake” smores (we didn’t have a pizza box so we used one from Amazon).
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  • Book & Recipe: “Pie in the Sky” Rainbow Cake

    This weekend Zeke and I made “Pie in the Sky” Rainbow Cake. The cake features a prominent role in the book, “Pie in the Sky,” which Zeke and I read together for bedtime earlier this year.
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  • Article: "The reason Zoom calls drain your energy"

    Click here to read about the greater focus needed to process multi-person Zoom conversations.
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  • Books: What Alona Recommends

    Click here for some of my favorite books!
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  • Game: Rummikub

    In my house, I’m the Queen of Rummikub. I started playing when I was five with my dad. Now, Zeke, Mo and I play. From generation to generation! Click here to learn how to play.
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  • Podcast: Unlocking Us

    Brene Brown (professor and author of Braving the Wilderness and Dare to Lead) writes about courage and empathy in an accessible and resonant way; her new podcast Unlocking Us gives us permission to experience, feel, and process life in affirming ways. She’s real. She knows relationships aren’t usually 50/50, she knows that you’ve got to rumble with friends and families, and she gives us all tools to do so constructively. 
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  • Recipe: "Grandma's Best Banana Bread"

    Click here for "Grandma's Best Banana Bread" recipe.
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  • Recipe: Chocolate Birthday Cake

    My grandma was a piano teacher. From the 60s up through her death in the 80s she hosted student recitals in her home and each family brought a snack to share. One of her students brough this cake and my grandma thought it was the best cake she’d ever tasted (and she LOVED food). Her student’s mother kindly shared the recipe. Ever since then, my family has made this for every birthday, baby naming, Bat Mitzvah, and for the family dinner the night before my wedding and the night before my sister’s wedding. Today (Monday, March 30) is Mo’s birthday, so it’s time for another cake, only this time with gloves and mask so we can share it with my nephews, sister, and brother-in-law. You can bet this year’s cake is one we will always remember! Click here for the recipe.
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