Winter Writing Contest Winners

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  • Overall Winner

    Trapped inside, silenced
    by solitude, music breaks
    through glass, sets me free.

    -Elle K., Grade 11
    Artist: Andrew G.
  • Image 1 Winner

    I feel sad
    Virus is killing people
    Wear a mask be safe

    -Atticus M., Grade 2
    Artist: Natalia N.
  • Image 2 Winner

    Light, dark, wind in hair
    Staring into the abyss
    Ponders her future

    -Emma D. (with dad Jeff), Grade 10
    Artist: Olivia G.
  • Image 3 Winner

    Piano Boy Plays
    Friends Outside Run, Skip And Jump
    Piano Boy Sighs

    -Hunter B., prospective student
    Artist: Andrew G.
  • Image 4 Winner

    O domestic swill!
    To Hell, vile expectorant!
    Clairement pas français.

    -Joseph Blassberg, Director of College Counseling
    Artist: Izzy W.
  • Image 5 Winner

    The sad lighted tree
    That got full of happiness
    When people eyed him 
    -Levi P., Grade 2
    Artist: Chris S.
Buckley community members received a cube featuring art by members of the Class of 2021 in the mail. We invite our families to fold it and display it as decoration, or...

... Write a haiku (a three-line poem in which the first line is 5 syllables, the second is 7, and the third is 5) about any image on the cube and submit to with the subject line, "Winter Writing Contest."

Submit your haiku by January 22, along with the number of the image you wrote about.

Anyone is welcome to submit entries!
Artwork featured on the cube, completed by the members of the Class of 2021.