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This page was created to bring attention to the racial violence inflicted upon Black bodies happening across the country, in particular the indignity Christian Cooper endured in Central Park, the murders of George Floyd, Nina Pop, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, and the subsequent protests and social uprisings, stemming from centuries of systemic racism, discrimination, injustice, and systems of oppression at work. These tragedies come on the heels of the pandemic, which has resulted in months of challenge for us all, disproportionately impacting communities of color.
The only way forward is to reckon with our past, and it is most important for those with privilege, for those who could easily turn away from this conversation, to stand up on behalf of those who experience daily discrimination. 
We know that many families may have questions; we will update this page with resources that will help. We know that many families are curious about how Buckley is addressing recent events; we will update this page with recent DEI News. We know that many families may want to get involved; we will update this page with ways to get involved and take action.

In addition to the pre-existing DEI page on our website, we hope this page will be a helpful resource for families looking for information about current events while we are remote.

Talk to Your Children: A Message from Alona

Though I understand that talking about racism, police brutality, and injustice is difficult, regardless of the age of our children, we must teach them about the destructive power of hate and fear. We must also teach them about systems of oppression and privilege, and impress upon them the importance of creating a more equitable and inclusive society. They must know that there is never any excuse for taking a life or intentionally using privilege at the expense of another. Naturally, the conversation must be developmentally appropriate, but avoidance will only lead our society to further destruction.
We know that our students will have questions. Some will be confused. Others will be grieving. Still others, outraged. And some, unaware. We will be there to support them, to educate, to engage. However, I strongly urge you to speak with your children. Time and again psychologists remind us that the best person to introduce upsetting topics to children is their parent or guardian.
To support all families in your conversation with your child and as you navigate your own feelings, regardless of your background and heritage, about the recent events, I offer you the following resources: 
Here is a list of organizations to follow on social media.
Throughout this year, I have heard Middle and Upper School students speak up, determined to create a more just world. Their voices give me great hope for our collective future, but our children cannot do this alone. I have faith in our community and the broader Los Angeles community, who have stood together all spring in the face of the pandemic. Let’s continue together now, fighting for justice, fighting for equity. 
Sending strength, stamina, courage, and love,

How to Get Involved

Dr. Buckley’s Four-Fold Plan requires that we offer moral education, and our school’s mission calls for us to act with courage. Now is the time to act with courage and conviction, to be unwavering in our commitment to equity and inclusion. It is our responsibility to teach our children to speak out against injustice, to fight for equity, and to find constructive pathways to be heard. 
There are easy, appropriate, and safe ways to take action right now. Contact your local city council member and county supervisor, our state legislature and our representatives in Washington DC. If you’re unsure who represents you, here’s an easy link to learn. Tell them, in the words of New Jersey Senator Cory Booker, that we need to “change laws and systems of accountability that can raise standards in this country.” Have your children join you. Model change. Peaceful protest has been and will be the way. 


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Buckley at Home Team
"Dr. Buckley’s Four-Fold Plan requires that we offer moral education, and our school’s mission calls for us to act with courage. Now is the time to act with courage and conviction, to be unwavering in our commitment to equity and inclusion. It is our responsibility to teach our children to speak out."
-Alona Scott, head of school

DEI News

List of 16 news stories.

  • Celebrating Pride Month

    Anthony Gaskins
    It’s Pride month! Pride is a month focused on the celebration of community and the freedom to be unapologetically one’s self.
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  • What Do We Do Next: An Antiracist Book List

    Ralinda Watts
    What do we do next to begin the process of moving from non-racist to anti-racist; as an individual, as a family, as a community, and as a society? Long overdue, this moment calls us to engage, speak up, speak out, and make the necessary changes needed in the acknowledgement of our collective responsibility to fight racial injustice.
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  • MLK Young Dreamers for Justice

    Student Ella R. helped found an organization called MLK Young Dreamers for Justice, created with The Southern Christian Leadership Conference, to bring teens from all different communities together to fight for social justice through friendship and service.
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  • An Update from the Office of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

    Chuck Neddermeyer & Ralinda Watts
    Throughout these unprecedented times, the Office of DEI continues their engagement, connection, facilitation, and participation in conversations locally, regionally, and nationally through a lens of equity. 
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  • MLK Day of Service

    Lower School students and their families came to school on MLK Day, honoring Dr. King’s legacy on Buckley’s annual MLK Day of Service.
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  • DEI in Lower School

    Sabine Abadou and Cydney Junius
    The Lower School community began the year by continuing meaningful exchanges through the Sharing Our Stories program and K-5 Culture Clubs.
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  • Intersections of Identity Field Trip

    On Tuesday, October 22, the entire ninth grade class visited different neighborhoods within Los Angeles during an Intersections of Identity field trip.
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  • Social Justice Symposia

    The Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is hosting its fall symposia on Monday, October 7 and Tuesday, October 8.
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  • Author Roda Ahmed Visits Buckley

    Have you ever heard of Mae Jemison?
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  • Buckley Celebrates Black History Month

    To celebrate Black History Month, Lower, Middle, and Upper School students attended an assembly led by the Black Student Union (BSU), “Migrations, Music, and the Movement.”
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  • Buckley Honors Lunar New Year

    Various student groups across campus honored Lunar New Year, which commenced on Tuesday, February 5.
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  • Lower School Families Come to School on MLK Day

    Instead of going skiing, many Lower School students and their families came to school on MLK Day, honoring Dr. King’s humanitarian efforts on Buckley’s seventh-annual MLK Day of Service.
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  • Social Justice Symposium Week

    How often do you think about buying lunch?
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  • Identity and Storytelling Series

    The Office of Equity and Inclusion and the English Department welcomed guests from Flintridge Prep, including student speaker, Leon Kuo, Dr. Tyke O’Brien, Chair of the English Department, and Ms. Ingrid Herskind, History Faculty and Global Studies Coordinator, for our Identity and Storytelling Series.
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  • Buckley Attends NAIS Conferences

    Buckley students and faculty members attended the NAIS Student Diversity Leadership Conference (SDLC) and People of Color Conference (PoCC) in Nashville.
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  • Intersections of Identity Field Trip

    On Thursday, November 15, the entire ninth grade experienced Los Angeles during the first installment of their Intersections of Identity Field Trip as part of their service learning requirement.
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