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  • Amelia Mathis, Director of Athletics & Wellness

    Contact Information: (818) 783-1610 ext. 741 or

    Favorite thing about Buckley: 
    The relationships!

    Degree(s): BA African American Studies with a concentration in Sociology, MA Secondary Education
    Hometown: Ventura, CA

    Hobbies: Self-Care! I love a good Spa Day, playing Candy Crush, or re-watching Grey's Anatomy!

    Fun fact: No place is too far for food. I have driven to Vegas for dinner.

    Contact Information: (818) 783-1610 ext. 743 or

    Favorite thing about Buckley: I love that our students are multi-talented, our athletes are also musicians who are members of clubs, plus excel in the classroom. Our students have many interests, which is great!

    Degree(s): Bachelor Of Education, Moray House College of Education, Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland
    Hometown: Lanark, Scotland

    Hobbies: I coach and play soccer but also have two small children, so I have no spare time!

    Fun fact: When I was hired at Buckley in 2009 I replaced my replacement. Figure that one out!