We all react to change differently. Sometimes change can be scary, sometimes it can be exciting, and often times change is necessary.

This has been a year of tremendous change for all of us: we’ve had to change the ways we interact and connect with each other, change the way we think about our world, and change the way we go to school and learn. We have also had to change the way we make and share art. But the arts must go on, and dance is no exception.

This year, the Drama/Dance Department is proud to present “Room for Change,” Buckley’s first-ever virtual spring dance concert! The show, which was filmed largely on personal devices and also with the help of some talented videographers and editors, features 11 original dances created by student choreographers and performers in grades 8-12, in collaboration with the dance faculty. The subjects of our dances range from friendship to identity to social commentary and ask us to consider or change the way we see dance, art, and ourselves in relation to our world.

The student performers, under the direction of dance teachers Laura Bamford and Brittany Daniels, are excited to share this special event with you. “Room for Change” runs under 1 hour in length and is appropriate for viewers of all ages! We promise it will be a memorable and uplifting way to end this school year and will remind us all of the transformative power of change. We hope you will tune in!