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Lower School
  • Journey to the Land of the Giants by Noah S. ‘32, Nina S. ‘34, and Theo S. ‘32
  • Samantha: The Sour Cupcake by Carina Z ‘33
  • The Banana by Jack P. ‘30
  • Fifth Grade Dance Party by Rama Hugh’s Fifth Grade Art Class
  • A Tribute to Charlie’s Angels by Maya Z ‘29, Hadley F. ‘29, Sophia R. ‘29, & Zeke S. ‘29
Middle School
  • Earth by Davin D. ‘28
  • The Tracker by Marco D. ‘27, Joshua S. ’27, Peter T. ‘27, Ben B. ‘27, & Cooper R. ‘27
  • Shoop’s Trick Shots: Unexpected Version by Silas L-H. ‘26
  • Bomb Voyage by Emma H. ‘26
Upper School
  • Posers by Oliver T. ‘23
  • Perfectionist’s First Day by Eleanor A. ‘23
  • The Dangers of Carbon Monoxide by Tucker C. ‘25
  • Sussudio by Grant C. ‘25
  • Peace in Mind by Dominic M. ‘25 & NLC Productions
  • Scopaesthesia by William M. ‘24 & Paulina J. ‘24
  • Heads Up by Quinn G. ‘24, Aidan D. ‘24 & Tripp D. ‘24 
  • Cardinal by Andrew Z. ‘33
  • 16161 by Zachary K. ‘24
  • Vengeance by Sam U. ‘24
  • The Parable of Jack by Adam M. ‘24 & Michael D. ‘22
  • Simulacratea by Dakota G. ‘22
  • What Others Can’t See by Dillon W. ‘24
  • The Bathroom Castaway by Cameron C. ‘24 & Accius W. ‘24
  • Breakfast by Reuben Barbarash
  • Date Night by Charlie V. ‘24, Max R. ‘24, Beckham C. ‘24, & Kaivan H. ‘24
  • One Time, a Mime Witnessed a Crime by Alexander S. ‘24
  • Pimento by Max G. ‘22
Please join us for the first annual Buckley Film Festival on Friday, May 20 at 6:30 p.m. in The Center for Community and the Arts.

This festival is a collection of shorts for the Buckley community by Buckley students. Our slate of films consists of work by our rising stars in the Lower, Middle, and Upper School, as well as the intermediate and advanced video students. This is a K-12 event, although some content towards the end of the program may be slightly mature for our youngest and most sensitive community members. 

Please note that the LA County Department of Public Health recommends that all guests are vaccinated or PCR test within 72 hours of the event or a Rapid Antigen test within 24 hours of the event to confirm negative status. If you are not feeling well or are showing symptoms, please stay home.

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