New Technologies, Real-World Applications

Incorporating Science, Technology, Engineering, Art/Design, and Mathematics - STEAM - has been a main mission of Buckley for years, and with the debut of The Mathematics and Science Building in 2013, students and teachers are better able to engage real-world technologies. No longer solely operating in the abstract, math and science students set to work constructing, manipulating, and inventing their own creations by merging age-old wisdom with new age applications.

Buckely STEAM Program on Campus and Beyond

The Upper School robotics team, the Griffitrons, placed ninth in the world last year, against teams from all over the globe, including Australia, China, Israel, and Taiwan.

Students in the Applied Science program competed in the Los Angeles County Science and Engineering Fair last year, with one student going to the state competition and earning third place for her study on the “Environmental Effect on Health and Study of Nematodes.” Buckley’s other entries included “The Extent and Effect of School Burnout on Adolescents,” and “Drawing Optimization Technology,” the invention of a stippling pen.

A Buckley junior’s submission was chosen by the L.A. Science and Engineering Fair for its theme in 2017. “Lab Coat Heroes”— the concept and logo—donned T-shirts, hats, and other merchandise for sale at the county-wide event in March.

Last year, three Buckley ninth graders placed third at the Project Lead the Way/Chevron Design Challenge. They had six hours to design a Duplo (preschool version of a Lego) box with specific dimensions—with no prior knowledge of the challenge or time to prepare.

At the 2017 California State Science Fair, our science department co-chair and director of STEAM, Dr. Aidyl Gonzalez-Serricchio won the Teacher of the Year award. One of her students nominated her, writing on the application, “Dr. G helped me realize that I not only love science for the intellectual discovery, but for its main objective: to help others.”

STEAM Classes

Inspired by our new facilities, we've added several exciting new electives to our Middle and Upper School course catalog over the past few years, including:

Aerospace Engineering (mathmematics)
Brain and Behavior and Advanced Placement Psychology (science)
Honors Algorithms and Data Structures (computer science)
Introduction to Engineering (science)
Molecular Genetics (science)
Music Composition, Production, and Technology I and II (music)
Video Production I, II, and III (visual arts)


Eco Club
Girls Who Code
Maker Space
Psychology Club
Science Olympiad


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“We have a mission to nurture student ideas through innovative pedagogies and cross-curricular research, nurturing them as they perform their investigations. We believe that the best education comes from an experiential approach that plays to student strengths through mentor-guided research.”