We asked senior administrators for book titles that inspired their teaching and educational practices this year, and we got some great recommendations. You can review their #BuckleyBookGuide picks below and check out our "Buckley Book Guide" highlight on Instagram to hear why they chose their books!
    English Department Chair James Evans | "Why They Can't Write: Killing the Five-Paragraph Essay and Other Necessities" by John Warner

    Assistant Head of School Lolli Lucas | "Looking for Lorraine: The Radiant and Radical Life of Lorraine Hansberry" by Imani Perry

    Lower School Head Adrienne Parsons | "The Invisible Classroom" by Kirk Olsen

    Math and Computer Science Chair Juan de la Cruz | "Grading for Equity: What It Is, Why It Matters, and How It Can Transform Schools and Classrooms" by Joe Feldman
    Assistant Head of Middle School Gregg Sacon | "Limitless Mind: Learn, Lead, and Live Without Barriers" by Jo Boaler
    DEI Director Ralinda Watts | "Difficult Conversations: How to Discuss What Matters Most" by Doug Stone, Sheila Heen, and Bruce Patton
    Head of School Alona Scott | "Permission to Feel: Unlocking the Power of Emotions to Help Our Kids, Ourselves, and Our Society Thrive" by Marc Brackett