The Great Buckley Bake Off

We hope you will all be joining us and participating in THE GREAT ANNUAL BUCKLEY BAKE-OFF! If you have any questions, or still need to sign up, please contact Moe Jelline Fiveash.
As a reminder, Buckley has a NO-NUT Policy and we will not accept any baked goods with nuts of any kind.
We’ve updated our categories for 2021 to include the following:

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    Cupcakes, cookies, bars…Dazzle us with your tried and true family recipes! In an effort to minimize food handling, we are limiting submissions to COOKIES, BARS, and CUPCAKES ONLY.

    Inspired by the bread baking craze of 2020, we want you to bake us your most impressive quarantine loaf! Sourdough, Banana, Focaccia, Bagels…any and all savory or sweetbreads are eligible. 

    In the spirit of Netflix’s beloved bake-off competition show, we’re asking our amateur Buckley bakers to take a crack at replicating this edible masterpiece. Everything on the cake must be edible (excluding structure support). Judges will decide the winning cake based on presentation and taste.