Statement from the Head of School

The first sentence in our school’s mission, which states that we are “a dynamic, nurturing learning community committed to equity and inclusion,” is both a promise and an aspiration, and a key reason why I chose to join Buckley. As an educator, I understand that DEI must be woven throughout all aspects of our community, including academics, athletics and the arts. As a parent, I want all of our students, including my own two children, to grow up in a school community where they can explore their own identity, learn the stories of others, and turn empathy into action. 

By design, the school placed the Center for Diversity, Equity, and Community Engagement (“the DEC”) in the heart of campus; it is a visible demonstration of the school’s understanding that DEI must be woven throughout each aspect of the community. Given the centrality of the role and the space, the Director of DEI is tasked with building relationships by bringing people together, demonstrating strength in differences, and uplifting others.

The DEI Director serves on the senior leadership team, partners with the assistant head of school to steward the board’s DEI committee, and sits on the department chairs committee, providing wisdom about best practices and the latest research and trends in DEI work. The director also teaches our signature (required) ninth grade course, “Intersections of Identity,” advises the Middle or Upper School Diversity Club, an affinity group when needed, and guides the integration of DEI in curricula, K-12. 

I'm excited to be partnering again with the team at StratéGenius, an internationally recognized academic search consulting firm, as we search for a Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion who will play an integral role in the leadership, vision, and daily life of the school. It’s essential that the DEI Director hold both the well-being of the institution and its community in equal esteem, ensuring that both thrive, today and tomorrow.

Alona Scott
Head of School

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List of 5 frequently asked questions.

  • How will the Buckley community be kept informed about this search?  

    Updates on the search will be provided on this dedicated web page as well as through direct communications with students, parents/guardians, faculty, alumni, and other members of our community.
  • How is the search process being managed?  

    The Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion search process will be managed jointly by Buckley’s Director of DEI Search Committee and the executive search firm Stratégenius, an internationally recognized and revered consultant group specializing in the placement of highly qualified candidates at the leadership level. Buckley has partnered with StratéGenius several times before leading to successful appointments, including Assistant Head Lolli Lucas, Head of Upper School Gillian Bush, and Head of Middle School Don Smith. The Stratégenius team will be led by President Orpheus Crutchfield and Vice President Mary Rose Fernandez, both veterans in independent school leadership placement. Head of School Alona Scott has appointed a Search Committee to oversee a process that is collaborative and comprehensive; these committee members are listed below.
  • How will faculty, staff, students, and parents/guardians be involved in the search process?  

    Input from The Buckley School community is critical to this process; faculty, staff, students, parents/guardians, and other community members will be invited to participate in confidential surveys. These surveys are an opportunity for the community to engage with the search directly by sharing thoughts about the role of the Director of DEI and what will be helpful to Buckley. We will be looking for input regarding the strengths, challenges, and opportunities available, and the community's perspective on the priorities on which the next Director of DEI should focus. 

    Once the finalists are chosen and the confidential process ends, the full community will be invited to meet the finalists and provide feedback.
    • What is the timeline for the search?  

      • The search launches officially on the week of October 11, 2021.
      • Applications are due on or before November 15, 2021.
      • Semi-finalists will be interviewed by the search committee during the week of December 6, 2021.
      • Finalists will be interviewed by the community in early-mid January 2022.
      • The announcement of the appointee will be in early-mid February 2022.
      Please keep in mind that these dates are approximate and may change. Please check back for updates.
    • Who will serve on the search committee for the Director of DEI?

      Search committee members include:
      • Gillian Bush, Head of Upper School
      • Patrick Gomez, world languages department chair
      • Renee Haas, Lower School Library Assistant
      • Nohemi Salazar, Spanish teacher
      • John Touchton, performing arts department chair
      • Erwin Wong, Director of Enrollment Management 
      • Lolli Lucas, Assistant Head of School
      • Alona Scott, Head of School