Visual Arts

The Lower School Art Program exudes an enjoyable, safe atmosphere in which each child is able to feel support in expressing ideas in the creation of two and of three-dimensional art work. Students are inspired by their own feelings, observations and imaginations as well as through the work of artists throughout history.

  • Teaching students to be artists, art critics, art historians and aesthetic beings
  • Teaching an appreciation and pleasure in making, viewing and understanding art

The Middle School Art Program teaches students how to utilize elements and principles of design while honoring their own sense of creativity. Projects explore pictorial, written and oral expression while developing emotional and intellectual perspectives of themselves and the visual world that surrounds them.

  • Students develop mastery of skills in both two dimension and three dimensional mediums
  • Students cultivate critical awareness and analytical skills that assist them in the development of their artistic voices in the twenty-first century art-world.

The Upper School Art Program has a range of courses in seven art areas that are offered on the beginning and advanced levels, which can be pursued through to Advanced Placement Studio Art. All of the art classes ask students to develop personal solutions to visual problems they develop their skills in the medias and learn about the history and cultural context of art.

  • Art areas: drawing and painting, ceramics, metal, sculpture, computer graphics, photography, video
  • Use of the resources of Los Angeles with field trips and visiting artist
  • Professional equipped studios