Annual Fund

As a small school, we depend on the generous support of the Annual Fund by all families to provide the margin of excellence for which we are known. Each year annual giving touches every part of the school: faculty salaries and professional development, financial aid, classroom supplies and facilities enhancements. The generosity of our parents reaches each student in meaningful ways every day.

We strive for 100% parent, faculty and staff participation, and begin seeking Annual Fund support in the Fall. For the 2013-2014 school year we have a goal of raising $1.2 million in unrestricted funds. Donors of $3,500 and above become members of a Leadership Club and will be invited to a reception in the Spring. In addition, members of the Chairman’s Club and the Bell Tower Society will be invited to a special event with the head of school and chair of the board of trustees. While we request Annual Fund contributions before Winter Break, gifts made through April 30 will be recognized in the Annual Report and donor scroll for the current school year.

Giving Levels
The Big Red for classes graduated in the last 10 years
Donors gifts up to $999
Friends $1,000 to $3,499
Leadership Clubs
The Red and Gray $3,500 to $7,499
Griffin Society $7,500 to $12,499
Buckley Associates $12,500 to $19,999
Chairman’s Club $20,000 to $49,999
Bell Tower Society $50,000 and above
Holly and Sean Abrishamchian
Adel Wiggins Group
Leila and Faryan Afifi
Hania and Mohamed Ahmar
Nancy Ahn and Gary Feldman
Oyinda Akenzua and Ed Akenzua
Serra Aladag
Sharona Alperin and Jason Aizenberg
Caroline Ambrose-Fleck and Volker Fleck
Apunthip and Itthisak Ampanyuth
Leslie and Kristian Anderson
Maricela and Raul Arechiga
Nancy De Liban and Jacob Arias
Marsha and Karl Austen
Mohsen Baharvand
Dawn and Clive Baillie
Monica Webber and Ryan Bakhtiari
Ana and Guillermo Balfour
Laura and Charles Bamford
Barbra and Jonathan Banner
Deborah and Peter Banner
Carinne Meyn Barker
Lidia Barrios
Amy and Adam Bass
Holly Bauer
Willetta and Adolphus Beal
Gail Becker
Ali and Nahideh Behbahani
Alejandra and Daniel Beim '84
Gina and Michael Beinus
Karen and David Bental
Cari and Corii Berg
Brad Berger
Andi and Eric Bergman
Lori and Jason Berk
Ivy Tombak and Joey Berlin
Jenn and Joshua Berman
Roberta and David Berrent
Halle Berry
Fred Bierman
Lucy Billett '63 and Stewart Billett
Andre Birotte Jr.
Rochelle Blank and William Hellman
Marilyn and Ronnie Blumenberg
Lisa Farsadi-Bogdanoff and Neil Bogdanoff
Chelsea Bond '87
Patricia and James Bouzaglou
Ellie and Kamran Broukhim
Brenda Broussard-Goldsmith
Kori and Scott Brown
Jamie Young and Glen Brunman
James Busby
Pamela Bushman
Steven Bushman
Binkley Byrnes '73
Jenell and John Cabrinha
Nancy and Trey Callaway
Susanna and David Campbell Watson
Shakara Cannon
Robin and Robert Cantz
Capital Group Companies, Inc.
Carole and David Carter
Donna and Russ Cashdan
Solace Pineo-Cavanaugh and Mike Cavanaugh
Rabia Cebeci and Philip Weiss
Lisa and Daniel Cerone
Jan and Leslie Chayo
Karen Makoff and Michael Chin
Leny and Jaime Chiong
Camilla Choi and Goo Tae Kang
Jennifer and Roberto Chojniak
Phyllis and Jeff Chow
Evgenia Citkowitz-Sands and Julian Sands
Class of '13
Karin and Brent Cohen
Tova and Kaveh Cohen
Evan Cohen '08
Brielle Cohen
Susan Collins
Melina Kanakaredes and Peter Constantinides
Crisina Conway
Lauren Firestone and Christopher Cookson
Kathleen Corbin
Ulli and Benedict Coulter
Benicia and Richard Cruz
Lisa and Jonathan Cryer
Sonya and Xiang Hao Cui
Suzanne Ogilvie Crowe and Michael Dalali
Timothy Dalton
Adit and Eliav Dan
Sandra and Joseph Danon
Gunilla and James David
Joan and Floyd Davis
Michelle and Bryon Davis
Jodie and Jon Davis
Alyce and Philip de Toledo
Jennifer and David Decker
Chaille Percival DeFaria and John DeFaria
Daphne Dentz and Christopher Pearson
Carole and Louis D'Esposito
Justin Dickerson '02
Nicole and Alexander Dix
Nikolaos Dogatzis
Rebecca and Victor Dominguez
Caren and David Drapeau
Anita Dymant and Richard Drooyan
Julia and Jim Ebrahim
Adam Martin and Miata Edoga
Kathleen Mozia-Eka and Mfoniso Eka
Betsy and David Elfase
Anabel and Shahram Elie
Sherri Elkaim and Conrad Steenberg
Gregory Engel '89
Ozlem Equils and Oliver Rheinfurth
Jodi and Craig Erwich
Alexander Eshaghian '94
Yvonne and Fardad Esmailian
Tracy and Christopher Esse
Denise Harris Estes and Miles Estes
Michelle and Mehran Farhadi
Renee and James Farrell
Jennifer DeVore and Marc Feinstein
Heather and Peter Felix
Holly and Sean Feller
Regina and Andrew Fenady
Joyce Field
Cathryn and Jeffrey Field
Field Family Foundation
Dina Figueroa
Nancy and Peter Fowkes
Kristi Nelson and William Frack
Jane Beresford and Patrick Fraioli
Richard Frank
Janice and Joel Frank
Debra Fischer and Sherwin Frey
Kimberly and Marc Friedman
Cathy and David Fuhrer
Carol Terakawa Furukawa
Haleh and Dariush Gabbay
Alona and Sohail Gabbay
Ione Gaberz
Karen Galardi
Noelle Gayral-Enriquez and Mario Enriquez
Norbert Gehr
Jane Gehr
Jill Broffman-Gerrity and Tim Gerrity
Kristine Gevorkyan and Aram Guyumjian
Amy Gibbons and Claudia Hoover
Parisa and Robert Gilardi
Mimi and Richard Gitlin
Lois and Fred Goldberg
Denise and David Goldberg
Soomi and Andrew Goldmark
Karen and Russell Goldsmith
Jessica and Jeff Goldsmith
Nia Vardalos and Ian Gomez
Patricia and Romero Gómez
Darnell Cox and Yudson Gondobintoro
Alicia and Giles Gordon
Katherine Greenberg and Keith Feldman
Francesca Grossman
Cheryl Grubb
Rosa and Byron Grussi
Alejandro Guarachi
Julia and Andrew Gunn
Denise and Kirk Gutches
Annie and Ted Haas
Renée and Paul Haas
Marlene Hakakha and Benjamin Hakakha
Michelle and John Halperin
Cynthia and Solomon Hamburg
Sara Frith and Patrick Harbinson
Patricia Perez-Harris and Randall Harris
Deborah and Craig Harwin
Yuko Hasegawa
Jill and James Higgins
Christian Holland
Christine and Daniel Holschneider
Ninette and Aram Hovanessian
Yvonne and Robert Hsu
Susan and Jonathan Huberman
Nathalie and Michael Huddleston '96
Dina and Gabriel Hunt
Jane Tongson-Ignacio and Mario Ignacio
Nancy and Martin Irani
Hunter J. Isaacson '17
Todd Isaacson
Katherine Jackson
Heidi and Alan Jackson
Shideh and Bert Jafari
The Janger Family
Kathryn Kashfian Javaheri '97
Yajing Bena Yan and Hongbin Jiang
John and Nancy Sabol Foundation
Maisha Jones
Ruthie Jones and Eric Taslitz
Malisa and Wuttipong Kaewmanaprasert
John Kanegaye '80
Penni Ziers-Kaplan and Matthew Kaplan
Jenifer and Andrew Katz
Irina and Zach Katz
Wendy Mitchell and Richard Katz
Stephanie A. Davis and Steven Kern
Kimberly Kerscher and Adam Santelli
Sindy and Michael Kessler
Martha and Dennis Kilbourn
Suk-Ho Kim and Mi-Young Kim
Soo Wee and Young Kim
Jin Kim-Janavs and John Janavs
Vicki and Lawrence Kirk
Susan and Anatole Klebanow
Irina Grichina and Vladislav Kleimenov
Kobor Family Foundation
Zina and Alex Kolesnikov
Sheri and Alex Kopelowicz
Stacy Seligman Kravitz '94
Oksana Borzina and Aleksandr Krichun
Linda Kroff and Charles Lee and Curt Welty
Kira Meers and Chris Kuklinski
Bok Jo Kwon
Kathleen Laccinole
Jeffrey Lainer '85
Margaret Lark
Lorie and Andy Lassner
Sherin and Joseph Lawson
Constance Lawton and James Yoder
Frank Leal
Eun Chin Chang and Wonil Lee
Soon-Ki and Young-Jik Lee
Anna and Daniel Lefler
Gail Leino
Tatyana and Leonid Len
Karen and Benjamin Levine
Nazila and Raphael Levy
Kari and Andrew Lewis
Hilary Liftin and Christopher Harris
Shelly and Robert Light
Jesse Light '12
Logan Light '07
Spencer Light '14
Taylor Light '08
Melissa and John Linden
Sharoni Little
Janet and Jeffrey Loeb
Nicole and Ian Lopuch '99
Terri and Andrew Lotts
Etiennette Lowen and Ted Shpack
Natalia and Brad Luff
Tamela and Tracy Lynch
Amanda Mince and John Lyons
Kristin and Michael MacDermott
Lisa and Michael Machat
Rachel and Malcolm Mackey
Christina Magnusson-Saglietti and Patrick Serge Saglietti
Nathalie Marciano
Maurice Marciano
Cynthia and John Mase
Kimberly MacDonald and Kenneth Mathis
Tracy and William McCutchen
Susan and Michael McKagan
Dahlia and Joseph Merhi
Mersedeh and Ramin Mesriani
Laura Meyer
Neil Meyer
Connie and Franklin Michaels
Laura and Sanford Michelman
Jaime and Ronald Miele
Lisa and James Miller
Michael Lazo and Jeffrey Miller
John R. Miller
Marjan and Fred Mir
Luba and Jeff Mironer
Pamela and Burton Mitchell
Mizuho Securities USA Inc.
Tanya and Farshad Moftakhar
Carolyn and Ronald Mogen
Sharen and Sean Moghavem
Dalia and Hamid Moghavem
Deborah Monroe
Rosalind Moore and Jeffrey Carter
Leeora and Farid Moradi
Aubrey and Tony Moradian
Samira and Thomas Moran
Catherine and Edward Moreton
Moreton Family Foundation
Nikki Parker-Morgan and Randy Morgan
Morgan Stanley
Melanie Greene and Peter Morris
Sherie and Don Morrison
Lori and Randy Moss
Eric Murray '11
Kamran Nahai
Grace and Kayvan Nahai
Paula and David Nazar
Elizabeth and William Neely
Farah and Mark Nehoray
Nazila and Bijan Neman
Mary and Edward Nersessian
Lindsay and Eric Newlove
Valeria Rico-Nikolov and Nicholas Nikolov
Julia and Alexander Nistratov
Caroline and Robert Novack
Samar and Zein Obagi
Robyn Field and Anthony O'Carroll
Heather and Kevin O'Connell
Oksana Smolik and Eduard Ogai
Alysia Park and Saekyu Oh
Brian O'Malley '95
Annette and Peter O'Malley
Leah and William Orkin
Judy and Dolph Orthwein
Sylvia and Daniel Park
Yea and Yong Park
Marie and George Parks
Adrienne Parsons
Vanessa Parsons Weisberg and Daniel Weisberg
Pardis and Jamshid Parvaresh
Alan Pasqua
Adam Pastor '00
Anisha and Lalatendu Pattanaik
Dawn Dumont Perdew
Lisa and Josh Perry
Nicole and Sean Perry
Katie and Dustin Peterson
Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Alyze and John Pierce
Carolyn and Edward Plumb
Amy Freilich and Neil Popowitz
Gabriella Porge
Valerie and Paul Presburger
Matthew Presley
Cheryl Prevor and Roy Faerber
Angela Becker-Price and Stuart Price
Mark Raggio
Amanda Ramey and Justin Krauss
Andrea Rankin and Dean Waters
Deborah and Joe Ray
Raytheon Company
Regina and Brant Reed
Lisa Holliday and Jonathan Reff
Susan Reichmann and Michael Lee
Joyce and Jeremy Richards
Riding For Reading
Susan and Robert Rifkin
Beatrice and Patrick Riley
Laura Cathcart Robbins
Jeanne and William Roberts
Neal Roden
Vincent Roginsky
Helen and John Romm
Kostantina Romm
Susie and Sven Rose
Linda Rosenberg
Eugenia and Robert Rosenthal
Helaine and Glenn Ross
Michele and Jayson Rothwell
Maria and Marc Rotter
Stasi Hartwick and Scott Rowe
Cathy and Shawn Ryan
Kimberly Ryan Salisbury and Robert Salisbury
Alexandra and Eric Sagerman
Marine and Mike Saleh
Desiree and Joel Samuels
Louise Lombard and Alejandro Sánchez
Serena Sandino
Teresa Saragga
Deborah and Bashar Sawaf
Jeanne Sayers
Laura Schechter '92
Jolie Busch-Schifino and Paul Schifino
Gary Schiller '76
Michelle Schumacher and J. K. Simmons
Lisa and Marc Schwartz
Kristine Nishiyama and Barry Schwebs
Flavia and Michael Schwimmer
Belle and Alexander Scott
Efrem Seeger and Jean-Claude Gertrude
Susan and Douglas Segal
Alecia and Robert Seidler
Tina Sellers and David King
Rita and Stephen Semprevivo
Sarah Rafferty and Aleksanteri Seppälä
Timothy and Tracy Settel
Tracy and Alan Shaffer
Martine and Shimon Shahar
Rebecca and Sam Shakib
Lesley and Charles Shapiro
Michelle and Jason Shim
Olesya and Jack Shut
Bianca Sibrian
Cara Kates '79 and Jeffrey Silverman
Michelle and Adam Silverman
Lisa Simantob
Shady and Shahariar Simantob
Erin Simqu and Blaise Simqu '79
Cathy and Gerald Singh
Harpreet Kaur and Balvinder Singh
Elaine Sir
Jennifer Harris Sliskovich and Joseph Sliskovich
Bridget Smith
Michele and Steven Snyder
Lisa and William Sobel
Sherly and Bobby Soleiman
Lori Stanford and Jennifer Hill
Georgia Stavropoulos and James Saltmar
Wendi and Neil Stearns
Julie and Warren Stein
Michael Stern
Rachel and Eric Stern
Micki Stern and Sean Hood
Penelope Lancaster-Stewart and Rod Stewart
Kristine and Edward Stieg
Christine Mason and John Stretton
Ching-Hwei Sugimoto and Brandon Sugimoto
Amelia and Paul Super
Ani and Steve Supowitz
Carol Suruki-Carmany and David Carmany
Alla and Maxim Sverdlov
Maura Swanson and Karlton Haas
Robin and David Swartz
Bert Syre '83
Margaret Syre
Marjan and Hossein Taghavi
Jose Tagle
Christina Lemon and Bruce Taylor '82
The Bill and Kirith Prady Foundation
The Boeing Company Gift Matching Program
The Maurice Marciano Family Foundation
The Walt Disney Company Foundation
Sarah Thomas
Marla and George Thorogood
Catherine Fellowes and Laurence Tighe
Lola Tillyaeva and Timur Tillyaev
Time Warner Foundation
Lyn and David Tobman
Lisa Turchan
Dion and Austin Ugbebor
Jackie and Simon Uwins
Nohemi Salgado and Samuel Vásquez
Stacy Vaughan Klines and Tommy Klines
Dennis Vlessing
Melissa Walkes and Richard Vokulich
Marilyn Wade and Paul Arrow
Janet Wagner
Jacqueline and Peter Wagner
Deborah Wagner-Bergeron and Wayne Bergeron
Rupert Wainwright
Felicia and Andrew Waldman
Nancy and Robert Wallan
Feiya Zheng and Jueyue Wang
Mary John and Nathan Wappet
Elizabeth Warber
Donna and Bruce Warber
Marlon Wayans
Melissa Lawton and Michael Wayne
Monica Erne-Webber and Harry Webber
Arlene Weber
Allyson Weiss '89 and Steven Weiss
Renee and Eddie Weitzer
Valerie and Gary Weitzer
Wendy and Simon Wells
Wells Fargo Foundation
Vanna White
Mary Stavin and Nicholas Wilcockson
Amanda and Colin Wilson
Debora Wilson
Maria and Jonathan Wong
Elizabeth and Gerald Woodard
Melanie Holland and Robert Wright
Wendy Miller and Karl Wright
Bita and Cameron Yadidi
Claudine and Alain Yotnegparian
Valeri Young
Beth and Jeffrey Young
Qing Luo and Fang Yuan
Laiping Yuen
Shoshana and Parham Zar
Lilit Grigoryan and Arman Zatikyan
Bonnie Nijst and Arthur Zeesman
Zheng Zhang and Xiaoming Zhang
Shelley Zhu and Jian Yue Zhu
Helen and James Zukin