Middle School

Buckley was one of the early leaders in the development of a Middle School program and we are committed to remaining at the forefront of best practices for teaching and working with young adolescents.

Our experienced faculty members, who have specifically chosen this age group to teach and guide, work to move students thoughtfully and sensitively from the self-contained environment of the Lower School to the more departmentalized Upper School program. From the homeroom structure of sixth grade and the Middle School arts rotation to our no-cut policy in athletics and Friday afternoon activity periods, our entire program is designed with the special challenges and opportunities of this age group in mind.  Students experience gradual increases in personal responsibility and in academic challenges, while they are encouraged to try new things and test themselves as learners during this critical time in personal development.

The Middle School program is built upon the school's educational philosophy, the 4-Fold Plan of Education. The academic curriculum is well-rounded, with courses in the five major disciplines:  English, mathematics, science, social science, and foreign language. Creative self-expression is encouraged throughout the middle school years as students are exposed to a wide range of classes in the visual and performing arts, as well as in computer instruction and journalism. Nearly all of our students participate in interscholastic athletics, enjoying camaraderie and excitement of team sports.  Moral education and guidance are woven throughout the program, and a Life Skills class is required in seventh grade.

 The middle school years are important ones for young adolescents, and we are particularly proud that our Middle School students interact with Buckley’s younger students to act as role models and with the older students to understand the challenges and opportunities that await them. All of this is what makes the Buckley Middle School such an exciting and satisfying place for students.