MS Visual Arts

Sixth, seventh and eighth grade students are automatically scheduled into visual arts classes as part of the Middle School Arts Rotation. Students study art through four different lenses: art history, art criticism, aesthetics and studio. They learn about significant changes in the art world, address philosophical questions posed by contemporary artists, and experiment with new processes and techniques. The studio portion of the program initially focuses on the elements and principles of design with an emphasis on line, color, value and space. The emphasis then shifts to shape, texture and form as students gain confidence in their abilities to organize their thoughts and ideas into effective works of art.


Art I

This course, for students in grades six, seven, and eight, examines the elements and principles of design through a series of projects mostly in two Dimensional media. In addition to creating artworks students are involved with critiques, art history, and discussions of aesthetics. Assignments may include drawing, painting, collage, and mixed media.

Art II

This course is for seventh and eighth grade students who have completed Art I and wish to continue their work in art in a series of in-depth projects. Emphasis is on developing skills, craftsmanship, and working with the effective use of elements and principles of design. Students examine the ideas involved with American art in the last fifty years including social and political issues. Completion of Art I and recommendation of the department is required.

Art III (7th and 8th Grade)

Students who have completed Art I and Art II who wish to continue their studies in art may elect Art III. This course explores the ideas and artists in the 21st century and how visual imagery is used in our daily lives. The assignments include work in both two and three dimensional art. Completion of Art II is required.