Welcome! You are visiting our website at an exciting time in Buckley’s history. As I write this, our new Mathematics and Science Building is two weeks away from opening. It is our second new building in as many years, along with major transformations of many other classrooms and gathering spaces across the Lower, Middle and Upper Schools. The buildings are phenomenal, but what is most rewarding is to see the energy and creativity in teaching and learning inspired and supported by new classrooms appropriately designed and outfitted for today’s engaging, collaborative, and hands-on learning opportunities. 

Buckley is an intentionally small and deeply supportive learning community that empowers students at all developmental levels to find both challenge and joy in learning. Powerful learning takes place at this nexus; learning goes deeper and motivation comes from within. Our whole-child educational philosophy helps us prioritize both creativity and balance within a rigorous program. But gifted, inspired teachers with small classes that allow them to truly know each student and her or his needs are really the heart of the equation. This allows our students to take advantage of the opportunities of our program and feel motivated to explore their interests deeply. 

I invite you to call us, visit our campus, and meet our students, parents and teachers to learn all that you can about Buckley. There is so much interesting work and thinking going on here – in multiculturalism and inclusion, the social and emotional aspects of education, cross-discipline collaboration, STEM, technology and learning, encouraging reading in digital generations. I could go on and on, but I’ll stop only to say I hope you will join our conversation on these important issues. In the end, our goal is for every student to be an authentic, passionate learner, because this brings happiness and success in school and helps students develop the tools to lead full and meaningful lives. What wonderful work this is!


James Busby
Head of School